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Healing cavities without dental work update

So a while back, not too far since I haven’t blogged a whole lot.  I did a lot of explaining on how I was going to fix my mouth as much as possible with supplements and diet.  Well after I got pregnant, the diet went down the drain.  I had to change it to whatever I could get down.  Usually food aversions go away in the second trimester but this time they have only recently (like last week) gone away. So I’ve gone most of 36 weeks just trying to eat enough calories to get through the day. This involved no restrictions on sugar or anything, I just needed calories.

However, I did keep up the vitamins that help with dental health the entire time and I had a dentist appointment to check on things not too long ago and everything looks great!!  Not only that but all my sensitivity has gone away.  I’ve never liked cold water because it just hurt my teeth so bad but now it makes no difference.  I had a spot that used to be painful to floss because of a filling that was not done correctly, without fixing the filling, I have no pain. ZERO.  EVER.

I won’t be able to really see what is going on until I can get x-rays after baby is born but as far as my dentist and I can tell, there is nothing that needs immediate attention.  Since pregnancy is known to wreck my teeth, the fact that everything looks good / feels much better while also being pregnant is huge in my eyes.


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Zero Fillings Needed!

Second Opinion

I got a second opinion in Spokane on my cavities that needed filling today.  This is a dentist I went to long before and I didn’t realize then how AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL he is.  As I was reading the Cure Tooth Decay book, it listed qualities to look for in a good dentist and his name came to my mind with every point they mentioned.  He is all about prevention and he uses technology I don’t find anywhere else.  He takes his time to make sure fillings and such are done well.

At the clinic I usually go to, they did the normal routine of take some x-rays, poke around, and then give me their conclusion of “you need 3 fillings and it will take two appointments and you need to floss more.” This is where I would always get frustrated because I felt like no one believed me when I would say “I floss everyday, I use a Sonicare toothbrush, and I rinse with flouride mouthwash.  What else can I do?”  The response is usually don’t eat sugar and some people are just more prone to decay and it is just tough to always have to get fillings.

When I went in, there was a decal on the wall with the famous quote “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.”  I love that he sees his work this way. First we talked about my diet and what I was doing already.  He used a laser to see where the bacteria was in my mouth. He said he could see that I was making some great efforts and he gave me some great tips and things to do that will also help out.  Right now I don’t need ANY fillings and I’m going back to check progress in three months. 😀  There is one that was a filling that was not bonded correctly that will need to be changed but he said for now it is protecting the spot under it where we are trying to heal it up and it is not a problem for now.  After the new dentin has formed, he will go in and make a good filling.

My diet – keeping it real

I understand now that my diet before was unsustainable because I would have to be in the kitchen FOREVER.  So I’m going to eat clean and home make what I can.  I’m good and making yogurt and bone broth and both are great for you. I’m staying away from all things sugar unless it is an occasional homemade treat with real organic cane sugar a.k.a Rapidura (way different than what you find in stores and good flavor)


C, K2, B12 Complex, Fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend, niacin (the flush kind, if you take it two or three times a day, the flush stops)

Dr’s orders

brush twice a day with hydrogen peroxide, diluted half with water

brush once a day with baking soda to change the PH in your mouth

sometimes take a dry toothbrush and slowly poke around and brush each tooth to look for spots that bleed.  This is how you find spots you are missing when you brush.

Since I have all but stopped sugar my mood has been much better and I have a lot more energy.  I used to drink a pop to “get through” the last part of the day and now I don’t need it and I defiantly don’t WANT it.  The thought of that much sugar sounds unpalatable.  I tried eating some cookies and cream ice cream with the family a few days ago and I ate about half a small serving before I gave it to Ahnna.  Eating clean is as much about my teeth as it is with the rest of me.  I’ve been wanting to learn to eat healthy for a long time.  I’m happy this was the push to get me to do it.  I really want to take care of myself and teach my kids the same over time.

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An experiment, Healing My Cavities Instead of Filling.


I have very decay prone teeth.  It has been that way since I got braces as a teenager.  Before that I didn’t have many problems but since, especially in the last 6 years it has just been really bad.  I brush, I floss, I use mouth wash.  I go to the dentist and they tell me that I need to brush, floss, and use mouthwash more.  I get VERY discouraged every six months when I go and hope maybe this time I won’t need a bunch of fillings.

Well last Monday I had another exam and they said I needed some fillings fixed and some new filings AGAIN.  As I was in a poor mood after I got home, Nathan pointed out that we were doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, the DEFINITION of insanity.

Not. Any. More.

I decided to tell the dentist to fix the fillings that need to be redone and leave the new ones alone.  Why? We have been doing some research, and your teeth, like the rest of the bones in your body, can heal themselves.  The problem is that we need to create an environment in our mouth to allow this to happen.  With the diet people generally have, they do not create a healing friendly place in their mouth.There are a few different methods people use to help make a better environment and I decided I’m going to go a little nuts and do absolutely everything I can to change things in my mouth. It is an experiment and some people are a little nervous that I’m going to let a cavity be and not get it fixed but  I just can’t go on like I have before. I only have so much tooth enamel to drill on before it is all gone. I figured this is the perfect opportunity to see if this works or not.



No sugar, nothing processed. This is the most drastic step and I’m halfway doing it for general health too.  This includes no grains which contribute to tooth decay and no artificial sweeteners which are just REALLY bad for you.

What I can eat are lots of veggies, meat, low to moderate amounts of fruit, small amounts of honey, good and natural oils like coconut, butter, and almond butter. I’m staying away from dairy unless it is organic grass fed raw milk.  Basically everything fresh is good to eat and if it is in some kind of bottle, it must have ingredients I can pronounce that go along with the diet. I realize I’m taking this over the extreme I need to heal my teeth.  A low sugar diet is probably all I would need to do but I decided to take it to the next level because I tend to be an all or nothing person.  If I allow a little of it, I know I’m going to end up eating a whole package of Oreo’s one day and I just don’t want to go there.  I’ve been wanting to go to a fresh, raw, chemicle free diet for a long time.  This was just the push I needed to do it.


This is where a lot of the healing comes from.  I’m taking supplements that are important for bone health, including vitamin C, D,  K2, and cod liver oil.  Another supplement important for teeth is vitamin A which I’m not taking a because I get enough from juicing vegetables that we do everyday anyway.

Vitamin K2 is really important because it directs calcium and vitamins to bond to your teeth. It is quite key in this, if you want to improve your dental health, the LEAST you can do is K2 and cod liver oil.

It has been almost a week and even if it does nothing for my teeth (which I would be very surprised if it didn’t) I feel amazing.  I  was really heavy on the grains before and now that I’m not, I have lots of energy and I’m generally happy.  Before I felt like I was on the verge of depression and I would feel tired by noon. It could be coincidence or something but only time will tell.  It is still really early. I will plan on having another dental exam in about two months and see if there is any progress. From what I could tell, it should only take a month to make sure everything is healed up but I just want to be extra sure I gave it enough time.

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New Camera!

I’ve been planning on getting a DSLR for years.  The plan was to finally get one before we went to Tahiti to make sure we get good quality images so we can take Tahiti home with us.  Well the time has come! We are going to Tahiti in April so I get to brush off the skills I learned in college and get to practicing some real photography action.  We happened to be telling Nathan’s mom about getting the camera and in her crazy generosity she offered to get the body for me so I just have to get lenses. I’m so spoiled by my MIL! She is amazing!

I’ve been listening to podcast’s and reading up on things to try and remember everything I learned before and it is coming back.  What I really need is lots of PRACTICE so I’m going to have it on me a lot.

Here are the better of my practice shots today.  It was a really dark day so I don’t have a lot of winners to share. These are taken with a Nikon D7000 with a 55-200 1:4-5.6 DX lens


The was through the front window






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This may be kinda weird but I really like stressful days.  I like thinking on my toes and having a time limit.  Today was one of those days because I procrastinated a few things so it all fell on today.  Started out slow enough to enjoy some time with these cupcakes

These capes were cheap and I needed these guys to be entertained for a while and it worked pretty well.  I wish I could remember all the random lines I hears these kids say in their imaginative play, but all I can remember is Ahnna in a sad voice say, “I did’t want to kill you…” as Isaac lay in the middle of the floor…. right before she ran him over with the play stroller. LOL!

Summer is quite a character when she dances.  I couldn’t get her best moves on video (as usual) but she starts moving her shoulders around so much her booty start moving too and it is SO CUTE. I hope one of these days I get it on video.  Ahnna is wearing an antique dress my older sisters and I all wore at the same age.  I have all our old super frilly  80’s dresses and Ahnna wears all of them within a 1/2 hour just like I used to do.

I need to go learn how to be a teacher.  I have tried to teach a little cake decorating twice now to different youth groups and I just have a hard time with expression and focusing and everything that would make someone a good teacher.  I learned recently that my personality type has a hard time with expressing our inner world with the outer world and it is SO TRUE.   This group wanted to have time to do their own thing with their cupcakes so I tried to show them a bunch of different things they could do instead of focusing on just a few simple things they could run with.  They had fun and everything so it was fine.  I can just really see how I can do this better if I choose to do it again.

Below are the ones the girls did. I love seeing what they chose to do and how everyone is unique.  Even when I did a class where we were all suppose to do the same design, each cupcake had it’s own flair.

I let Ahnna come with me and she had a great time.  I helped her roll out the green fondant and that was pretty much all the help I gave her.

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Re-purposed formal

So I had this idea to make a play dress out of an old high school formal for a while and I’m so glad I finally finished it.  Just for kicks, here is when I originally wore this formal, it was Homecoming (October 2003) and my Senior year.  My scanner is broken so I resorted to taking pictures of pictures.




First I picked apart the bodice from the skirt




It came off nicely.  And here is where my pictures of each step stop haha!  I can never seem to keep taking pictures as I go along with a project.



Next I hemmed the top and shirred all the way around like 20 or so rows.  Shirring is where you put elastic thread in the bobbin and just sew straight rows back and forth.  I sewed the back shut when I was done  and got stretchy little tube top that looks like this!


It was really pretty but had some issues falling down a lot and I try to teach Ahnna to be modest so I added some sleeves.  I cut around the sleeves from the original bodice and just played around until I got the sleeve I wanted for her.  I almost didn’t use them but I fiddled with it some more and then got just what I wanted.  I didn’t take any pictures but lucky for us, our family pictures were scheduled for the next day and Ana Hopkins took some BEAUTIFUL and amazing pictures of Ahnna.  We don’t have all the family photos yet but Ana posted a few of Ahnna on Facebook for a teaser.  Ana’s website is  (good thing “Ahnna” and “Ana” are spelled differently or that would have been really confusing)



It turned out amazing!  Ahnna is so pretty I can’t believe she is mine.  I’m so happy I had this dress for pictures.  I have a few more formals I’m going to make for play dresses too.

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Father’s Day Gifts

We were going to Nathan’s parents house for father’s day and I got this idea that would be kinda fun.  All the guys in the family are into guns and things so I decided to make them Zombie Survival Packs.  I thought I would be able to go online and find someone who has already done something like this with free label printouts and everything but that was NOT the case.  Apparently, people take their zombie apocalypse preparation VERY seriously and I couldn’t find anything anywhere near what I was going to be doing.  It was all real first aid, huge guns, and food storage.

So I ended up doing it myself.

Their guns all named “Predator” “Tank” and “Bone Duster”



The caption says “cause you gotta go, even when you are lyin’ low”


Had to have some meat for the men to eat on Father’s day of course.


If you look close it says “zombie repellent” 


The water bottle says “grenade” on it. They didn’t really turn out like I wanted but oh well.



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