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Our Awkward Family Photo Christmas cards

For my very first time sending out an actual Christmas card I wanted them to be entertaining so we did awkward family photos.  To see all the photos and read more about it, visit my photography blog



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Baby Fix! and A Little Self Critique

I was so excited to go do my first baby shoot I could hardly sleep the night before!  The Giles were amazing, I brought my kids along who played with their kids.  I pretty much took over the room we were shooting in and they were so accommodating.  I learned A TON from doing this.  I know the next one is going to be 50 times better.

Biggest things I learned:

1. Keep the baby REALLY warm.

I thought I was doing it enough but he wouldn’t really fall asleep and stay that way until near then end when we really made sure he was toasty.  This is VERY important if you want to pose the baby at all.  So this time he is in his happy little spot for most pics.

2. Bring a step ladder.

I”m short, and I’m always thinking about moving around to get a good shot, but it didn’t occur to me until I was looking at the photos afterwards that I was just too short to get the right angle with the mama and baby pictures so a step stool needs to go in my equipment.

3. Slow down and think about each frame

I took a ton of photos but looking at them in post, a good part of them were sloppy and not framed very well. So slowing down and thinking “what do I want THIS picture to capture” instead of “take a ton from a bunch of different points and hope a few come out well.” Think about the edges and angle more.

Here are my favorites from the day








Had some fun with the other kiddos while baby was getting a snack. I just LOVE this one!


This is his tough look



Just love her eyes!




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A Little “Newborn” Practice

I’m DYING to do a newborn shoot.  Luckily I have one scheduled on Friday! I have a friend who just had a baby and I asked if I could come practice on him.  Here is my first go of practicing.  Cabbage Patch dolls do NOT want to stay in any position you put them in so my creativity there was limited but at least I got an idea of  what to go for minus the fussiness of a real baby.

Doing this made me think that there is nothing quite like capturing new life.  This doll doesn’t draw you in  like looking at photos of a new little tiny baby.

Oh yeah and I have a name now.  Angle of Incidence Photography. Love it.















January 30, 2013 at 6:10 pm 2 comments

Self Portrait

I was reading somewhere about focusing on shooting something different everyday.  People, landscapes, food, self portrait.

Almost didn’t post this one at all but I am using this as a journal to someday see improvement so here it goes.

I was all ready to do self portrait and then realized my tripod is busted and I cannot find my camera remote anywhere.  I pretty much took it out of the box the day it arrived and lost it instantly.  Most everything ends up in the playroom so I bet I will find it in there someday.

Anyway so the only way I could do a self portrait was with a mirror.


Some self critiquing: I wish I made sure the focus point was on my face and not the camera, also wish I did not to cut my toes off at the bottom.


I look all pissed off in this one and I really like it for some reason.

I know I have this habit of blowing out the brightness and contrast and I need to stop doing it so much.  The thing is though, it makes people look really good.  It takes away all the imperfections. I’ve been a good girl and not doing it the past few days but I just couldn’t help it this time. Mostly because I’m uncomfortable with all my imperfections.  So erasing them makes it easier to post a few pics.  There were a few others that Ahnna took that didn’t look bad after processing but I’m just not comfortable showing the world I guess.

Here is one that Ahnna took that I broke all the rules with.  Here is a question.  Would a real photographer look at this and think “oh that looks artsy and cool.” Or would they think “Wow, totally overdone”


I know it is art and there is LOTS of room for creativity.  There are rules but ALL of them can be broken if you get something that looks really good.  What I want to do is try and find a good balance.  I want to develop a good eye for color and understand when is a good time to break or bend a rule.  I wish I paid more attention in college / finished college.  I keep thinking if I ever go back, things are going to be very different. I’m much more mature now and I know more what I want from life and what is valuable knowledge to me.

January 26, 2013 at 12:13 pm 3 comments

Tattoo Boy!

I’ve been having a hard time doing anything with the kids lately.  So it was good quality time putting on tattoos with the kids.  We got two packs from Walmart and used up most of them.  Ahnna had a “tattoo store” where you could go in and she would put a tattoo on for you.  Kept her completely content all morning.  I just hope it did not form the seed of what she wants to do for a career.  We all have a ton of tattoos now too.

The play room had great natural light in the morning so I took advantage of it with Isaac.  I thought he would like doing the tough guy thing but he is a little softy.  Really these shots are not like his personality at all but they are cute anyway



The next ones are more Isaac. Soft and happy haha





And Summer being cute.





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Buffalo in Othello and indoor Ahnna Shoot

I never thought I would see buffalo in Othello but someone here has got them.  I have no clue why you would own them, except to eventually have one for dinner.  I heard a while back buffalo meat is becoming popular and can be sold for a pretty penny.


I know the sparkles on her eyes probably look really tacky. However, once those things are on, it is REALLY hard to get them off.  I had to work with what I had on hand.  If we try something like this again it won’t be until I know how to make glitter shimmer and it will be the MUCH finer kind.  Ahnna is loving this new camera thing.  I LOVE that she likes being my little model.  I was bored to tears today so I thought I would give a go at indoor stuff.  This was all done at night, not bad for my first time I think.








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Today’s Photos of the Day

My shots seem to do ok as long as I stay in aperture priority mode.  I tried to control the shutter speed instead a for a bit but everything turned out almost black. Kinda confused at what I was doing wrong so I’m going to be researching that a bit.  Any suggestions are nice too.  It’s great when the internet comes to you instead of the other way around lol! Got out of the house today to try and get a little variety.  My two favorites are up first.


I like this one over the one below a little more. The focus is more interesting on the tire instead of the obvious stack of rocks. This was taken on my neighbor’s tether ball set up on the sidewalk.



Technically. Not great. Personality. Awesome.


I HAD to put the one above in here because it shows how cool it is to be able to shoot in RAW format.  RAW  has zero compression as opposed to JPG.  When I took this shot it was completely black.  In most jpeg modes there is no way I would be able to get so much color and detail to show up in post. LOVE.


I usually love a wide open aperture but this shows a time I should have stopped down (or is it stopped up? Aperture numbers always confuse me) Ahnna is a bit out of focus but still cute 🙂


This was on the table at BK. I just like the reflection

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