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Reading Lessons

I always thought I was just too lazy to have any desire to teach my kids to read by myself.  However,  Ahnna was just a few months too young to go into kindergarten with most her friends this year.  One day another mom told me that they are already learning how to read and it was at that point that it occurred to me that Ahnna is probably perfectly capable of reading and maybe I should try to put forth the effort to encourage it.

Thank goodness I heard of this book.










The lessons are really short and and it is so intuitive.  So even the lazy parent like me can do them.  The hardest part was reading the introduction in how to use the book (which wasn’t bad).  Other than that every lesson is scripted and 10 minutes or less.  The book was also like $25. So don’t waste your money on those $100+ systems.

The BEST part and why I am blogging about it is Ahnna gets SO EXCITED when she recognizes that she is reading real words.  There was one day we did 4 lessons just because she was excited and didn’t want to stop.  Then her poor little brain had enough new stuff for one day. I LOVE seeing her learn, it is so exiting.  There are times she gets a little discouraged but with a little prodding she overcomes it.  Luckily, my kids also do almost anything for chocolate milk lol!  I was teaching Isaac for a while too.  At about lesson 10 I could tell he just doesn’t have the desire which is fine.  He is 3.  I will try again when he is like 4 1/2.  The cool part though is that he could do it.  If I made him sit there he could grasp what we were doing, I’m just pretty sure he would end up hating it if I made him do it now.

We are on lesson 25 and Ahnna is sounding out short sentences and reminding me of her lesson every day.  I like how it forces me to sit with just her for a few minutes too.  I highly recommend this book!



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At least I got to sleep in?

I got out of bed after 7 this morning which is a miracle.  I heard the kids happily playing in their room.  I grabbed the camera to take a picture of such a happy moment in the kids room.  I walked in and they were exactly where I thought they would be, all in Summer’s crib but something was a little off.


Me – Isaac! Why are you naked!?

Isaac – I went poo poo!

Oi.  He went on the toilet but he needs help wiping and putting his undies back on.  So not only was he naked but he was not wiped.  His dad had already left to work out when he got up to go and he did not say a word.  Just went on playing.

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Awesome things about Isaac

I meant to do this as part of Isaac’s birthday post but I totally forgot.

Isaac may be forced to play with girly toys or watch girly shows like My Little Pony with his big sister but he still is very much a boy.  He likes anything with wheels and transformers.  EVERY time there is a semi on the road he says.  There’s Optimus! There’s another Optimus!  Seriously even if there are five in a row he will repeat himself five times.  It is also funny when we pass a dairy and get that wonderful cow scent.  He says “ewe I smell poo poo cow! Cow’s need to poo poo in potty!”

He thinks nudity is really funny and prefers to wear only underwear as often as he can… He would do less than that if  we allowed him.  If Summer is in just a diaper, “She’s naked! HAhahaa!  If his dad has his shirt off, “he’s naked! HAhaha!

Isaac likes to pretend to be animals and try to lick you.  He also pretends to be the baby.  Now that Summer is learning to walk, he has to take his turn walking all wobbly and slow toward me.  His little sister loves him a lot and he is pretty good at playing with her.  Summer is also good at being a pestering little sister already.  If he is asleep on the floor or the couch, she immediately goes over to poke him in the face or crawl over him.  “No baby, or No Summer” is often part of his vocabulary and rightly so.

His dad taught him to flex and it’s really cute, he loves baths, he is a spirited fighter when he does not want to do something.  He will fight until I pretend that he really hurt my feelings, he will try to stay strong after that but soon relents and wants hugs and comfort.  He is a cuddly little guy and needs lots of physical affection.  He still takes comfort in drinking milk by always downing his entire sippy cup slowly while twirling his finger in his hair, usually before he touches any food.

Isaac is the only kid who likes vegetables.  He is more adventurous with food period compared to Ahnna.

He is really smart.  He can identify most letters and numbers 1-10.  He “writes” letters using mini-marshmallows.  He knows his colors, shapes, and body parts. Don’t know if I should admit it but I haven’t really worked with him on much of this stuff.  Like he figured out making letters out of marshmallows on his own.

I love my little special guy.  I saw a little newborn boy on TV today and couldn’t help but hope someday Isaac gets a little brother.  (that is neither an announcement or any indication we are considering a baby anytime soon)  I’m excited to see what new characteristics he takes on this year!


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Birthday Boy!

The Cake. Isaac LOVES monster trucks lately

The kids! Always excited for cake.

The candles?

Didn’t realize I was out of candles and Nathan had the great idea to use toothpicks. It worked enough. I felt like a red neck with the truck cake and wood candles and all.

I didn’t take pictures of opening presents but I think he had just enough.  Not so many he was overwhelmed.  I was really tempted to get a few more things but I restrained myself to one and with the addition of the grandparents’ presents it was perfect.  He has been playing with all of them and loving them.  There is one toy I was really impressed with and want to get more for Christmas or other occasions.  Have you seen these?

It is made by Battat and you can’t find them in stores.  You can find them on Amazon. You can take apart and put back together this car.  They also have other vehicles or an air plane.  You use the power tool provided and it is easy enough for Isaac to do it with a little help and Ahnna can do it all by herself.  It keeps either one entertained for a while and it is good problem solving.  I LOVE it.  A bit pricey so if you see it in a second hand store get it!  My MIL got her air plane for $4 second hand and it’s like $30 brand new.

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Kid Fun!

When I was making the fondant animals Ahnna BEGGED me for days to do a crocodile.  I had to wait until I was done with the cake to do it and she was so excited.  I like him a lot.  I think he is my favorite.


So the next thing Ahnna wanted to do was make the animals herself so we made a bunch of play dough.


Then I showed her how to make the animals and she actually followed a long really well!


This was all Ahnna.  I helped just the tiniest bit by pulling off the different amounts of dough for the different body parts but that was about it.  Then today she pulled out the dough and made more all by herself.  I’m so happy I did that cake just because I can teach my kids how to actually make something out of play dough.  When I was a kid I never got past making snakes, balls, and pancakes, and that is about what I see from most kids.  Ahnna is already way ahead of what I ever did.

Oh and the lion’s make me smile.  I helped Isaac with his (the yellow and green one)


What we did TOADY though was awesome.  I got this from Nathan’s sister who blogged about her little boy doing this and I had to try it out.

Colored shaving cream in the shower


He discovered he could put it on himself as well.





This was way fun but it ended in tears.  I didn’t think about shaving cream getting in their eyes and Isaac was the victim, poor guy.  I just showered them off and then sprayed down the tub and the mess was gone.  My SIL had a good warning for if you want to try this at home.  If you have grout make sure you scrub it right away so the food coloring does not stain it.  She said she sprayed it with cleaner and let it sit a bit before she scrubbed hers off.

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Back to Blogging

Our camera did finally decide to die, it was time for sure.  I got another one right away so I wouldn’t have a long blogging break but then there is the pain of learning to use a new camera and I wanted to do it right and read the book so it just turned into weeks of no camera use.

I recovered some pictures from the last camera that I wanted to share.

In the Target dress I couldn't resist getting


This guy cracks me up!


I also put a cake together this week for a baby shower.  I love the top but the sides are OK.  I wasn’t really planning on doing this type of vines but there were a LOT of mistakes in the fondant and it was 2:00 am the night before and I needed it to be done. Oh well, it’s not bad but not what I was hoping for.



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42 – Birthday Planning Already?

Isaac’s Birthday is in – well – 4 months.  Still got a while and I know, I said I would never go all out like I did for Ahnna’s birthday but….. yeah… there is still no way I am going to do that much for a birthday ever again. BUT I am going to have fun doing a few choice things for Isaac’s ANGRY BIRDS BIRTHDAY!!!  He LOVES Angry Birds.  His invitation, which is completely customizable, is available in my Etsy shop for everyone else too! Just click on the picture to go there.

**Copyright Notice**
Please note that you are paying for a creative service and the time spent designing and personalizing your item with personal information which is permitted for one-time PERSONAL USE. This item is not a licensed product. It is very important to note that copyright restrictions on the Characters only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. See Etsy Shop for further information

This is a fun little idea I found on Pinterest I might do for favors.  They are super cute and super cheap to make.  Love It!


But seriously, the invitation, the game, and the cake, that is IT…. really.  I WILL restrain myself…

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