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Ahnna’s meltdown

We had preschool at our house today.  At one point Ahnna completely overreacted when she was having trouble writing the number 4.  It is usually not like her to instantly start balling over something like that and I was having a  hard time keeping my patients with her so I calmly told her that she can cry in her room until she is ready to come out and join us.  Well there was a little laps of time where they were playing in between group activities and I was preparing the next thing.  At that time Ahnna had gone into the play room and in her rage threw a toy at her friend. Then I said she needed to stay in her room until preschool was over, which wasn’t too terribly long anyway.

So after everyone left, she was still crying like crazy and I went in there to try and calm her down and what she said to me was kinda surprising.  She said “I’m a bad friend, Mom, I’m mean.” I could tell in her tone, she was regretting what she did.  So we talked about how when we are mad we can do things that we don’t mean and if she asks her friend for forgiveness, they will still be friends.

She has gone through the motions of what you are suppose to do when you do something bad for years. I say “That wasn’t nice. How did you make her/him feel? Go give her/him a hug and say you are sorry” Usually she did all the normal kid things of suppressing smiles and cringing when it is time to give a hug. So it was really cool to see those real emotions of worrying about how she hurt someone else.



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Reading Lessons

I always thought I was just too lazy to have any desire to teach my kids to read by myself.  However,  Ahnna was just a few months too young to go into kindergarten with most her friends this year.  One day another mom told me that they are already learning how to read and it was at that point that it occurred to me that Ahnna is probably perfectly capable of reading and maybe I should try to put forth the effort to encourage it.

Thank goodness I heard of this book.










The lessons are really short and and it is so intuitive.  So even the lazy parent like me can do them.  The hardest part was reading the introduction in how to use the book (which wasn’t bad).  Other than that every lesson is scripted and 10 minutes or less.  The book was also like $25. So don’t waste your money on those $100+ systems.

The BEST part and why I am blogging about it is Ahnna gets SO EXCITED when she recognizes that she is reading real words.  There was one day we did 4 lessons just because she was excited and didn’t want to stop.  Then her poor little brain had enough new stuff for one day. I LOVE seeing her learn, it is so exiting.  There are times she gets a little discouraged but with a little prodding she overcomes it.  Luckily, my kids also do almost anything for chocolate milk lol!  I was teaching Isaac for a while too.  At about lesson 10 I could tell he just doesn’t have the desire which is fine.  He is 3.  I will try again when he is like 4 1/2.  The cool part though is that he could do it.  If I made him sit there he could grasp what we were doing, I’m just pretty sure he would end up hating it if I made him do it now.

We are on lesson 25 and Ahnna is sounding out short sentences and reminding me of her lesson every day.  I like how it forces me to sit with just her for a few minutes too.  I highly recommend this book!


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Ahnna’s Birthday

Ahnna’s grandparents came the day before her birthday.  My mom came for a while but she had to get back to babysit and then the Spinelli grandparents came and we had a small family party.  They got the older kids scooters (no one wanted to listen to Isaac whine, haha) and then we went to Walmart to get Ahnna’s ears pierced.

She had been asking me forever to get them pierced.  I was trying to get her to wait by telling her they shove metal through you ears and it hurts.  It didn’t work until one night we said it would hurt worse than shots and then she cried.  Then I felt horrible, like I crushed her dreams.

She was so excited and sat totally still for the first side.  Then she cried until she looked in a mirror and liked what she saw.  The waterworks came back stronger than ever, however, when we said “ok time for the other side.” Oh man she freaked out.  Her patient grandma was wanting to give her all the time she needed to calm down.  We were waiting and waiting and I just wanted it over.  I figured the freaking out was mostly anticipation which is always worse than just doing it.  So I took her and two of us held her down and as soon as the second one went in, she stopped crying.

She loves her earrings now.  I’m just hoping she does not get curious and take them out before it is time. I was amazed how excited I was for her to get them, and now I’m excited about getting her earrings to wear.

Today we had her kid party.  It was suppose to be the same day as when the grandparents were here, but things ended up too crazy last week so I rescheduled.
It was really relaxed as opposed to last year when I started planning it in August. I did most the planning yesterday and the preparing this morning and it was great. I wasn’t a giant stress ball and the kids played and had fun for a while and ate cake.

The tutorial I found on pinterest on how to do characters from coloring books worked out great!  The cracks happened because I frosted it when it was rock hard frozen and then it settled.

I HAD to do a rainbow Rainbow Dash cake.  I had this idea months ago and convinced Ahnna, who loves My Little Pony, to do it… Next year I swear I will let her decide and not intervene.

The kids had fun with playing Just Dance 3 and in the toy room.  I have to say Summer was dancing like a maniac haha! She was moving until I turned the TV off, it was so cute!

Thanks to all the moms who stayed.  We could have managed but it is always nice to have extra hands and good company. 🙂

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This may be kinda weird but I really like stressful days.  I like thinking on my toes and having a time limit.  Today was one of those days because I procrastinated a few things so it all fell on today.  Started out slow enough to enjoy some time with these cupcakes

These capes were cheap and I needed these guys to be entertained for a while and it worked pretty well.  I wish I could remember all the random lines I hears these kids say in their imaginative play, but all I can remember is Ahnna in a sad voice say, “I did’t want to kill you…” as Isaac lay in the middle of the floor…. right before she ran him over with the play stroller. LOL!

Summer is quite a character when she dances.  I couldn’t get her best moves on video (as usual) but she starts moving her shoulders around so much her booty start moving too and it is SO CUTE. I hope one of these days I get it on video.  Ahnna is wearing an antique dress my older sisters and I all wore at the same age.  I have all our old super frilly  80’s dresses and Ahnna wears all of them within a 1/2 hour just like I used to do.

I need to go learn how to be a teacher.  I have tried to teach a little cake decorating twice now to different youth groups and I just have a hard time with expression and focusing and everything that would make someone a good teacher.  I learned recently that my personality type has a hard time with expressing our inner world with the outer world and it is SO TRUE.   This group wanted to have time to do their own thing with their cupcakes so I tried to show them a bunch of different things they could do instead of focusing on just a few simple things they could run with.  They had fun and everything so it was fine.  I can just really see how I can do this better if I choose to do it again.

Below are the ones the girls did. I love seeing what they chose to do and how everyone is unique.  Even when I did a class where we were all suppose to do the same design, each cupcake had it’s own flair.

I let Ahnna come with me and she had a great time.  I helped her roll out the green fondant and that was pretty much all the help I gave her.

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Re-purposed formal

So I had this idea to make a play dress out of an old high school formal for a while and I’m so glad I finally finished it.  Just for kicks, here is when I originally wore this formal, it was Homecoming (October 2003) and my Senior year.  My scanner is broken so I resorted to taking pictures of pictures.




First I picked apart the bodice from the skirt




It came off nicely.  And here is where my pictures of each step stop haha!  I can never seem to keep taking pictures as I go along with a project.



Next I hemmed the top and shirred all the way around like 20 or so rows.  Shirring is where you put elastic thread in the bobbin and just sew straight rows back and forth.  I sewed the back shut when I was done  and got stretchy little tube top that looks like this!


It was really pretty but had some issues falling down a lot and I try to teach Ahnna to be modest so I added some sleeves.  I cut around the sleeves from the original bodice and just played around until I got the sleeve I wanted for her.  I almost didn’t use them but I fiddled with it some more and then got just what I wanted.  I didn’t take any pictures but lucky for us, our family pictures were scheduled for the next day and Ana Hopkins took some BEAUTIFUL and amazing pictures of Ahnna.  We don’t have all the family photos yet but Ana posted a few of Ahnna on Facebook for a teaser.  Ana’s website is  (good thing “Ahnna” and “Ana” are spelled differently or that would have been really confusing)



It turned out amazing!  Ahnna is so pretty I can’t believe she is mine.  I’m so happy I had this dress for pictures.  I have a few more formals I’m going to make for play dresses too.

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Cute shorts? Ahnna was complaining that her shorts were too hard to put on. This struck me as odd because we have to cinch all those awesome elastic band things they put in pants now as far as we can and her little bum still starts showing most the time.  When I went to help her I looked at the label, yup, they are Summer’s 12 month pants.  They did look good so she wore them all day.  Minus that original complaint they seemed to fit her perfectly as shorts and they stayed up around her waist.  Maybe I should get her some more “shorts” for this summer.

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Talent Show! Solo turned duet + Hans and Franz

I LOVE talent shows! I didn’t get any pictures because I used all the memory on my camera to record Nathan and Aaron’s skit.  When I first heard about the talent show I thought it would be a great reason to get out my guitar and actually learn and play a song start to finish. I really love guitar and my guitar is beautiful and needs to be played.  It always feels like a shame that it sat in my closet for so long.

Back at the end of my senior year of high school when I first got my guitar

When the talent show was going on Ahnna kept asking when it was her turn to dance or sing.  I didn’t think to have her practice anything since I figured she would probably get scared and not want to do it since she is so little. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.  Since when has Ahnna shown any ounce of fear getting up in front of people?  So last minute I asked Ahnna if she wanted to come up and sing with me when it was my turn and she did.

We sang “Ours” by Taylor Swift and she did awesome!  Really she SHOULD do awesome because she was around 100% of the time I was practicing over and over.  She knew the words and had a great time. She had her own mic and that was her favorite part.

So now I want to make sure she sings in front of people a LOT.  I’ve always been wishy washy on my confidence in singing by myself.  I’ve always wanted to, just never totally sure about if I sounded any good.  So my goal is for any of my kids who are interested to never have to feel that way.  I didn’t realized that when I started practicing guitar, that my kids would get interested too, that they would start singing with me.  Just another example of what we show are kids is important to us, becomes important to them.

Aaron, Nathan, and Michael did a Hans and Franz skit.  It used to be a Saturday Night Live segment and they did a really good job.  They got some serious laughter, the video does not do it justice of course but at least you can hear what they are saying which is more than I expected. I didn’t get the very beginning or the very end either but oh well.

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