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Talent Show! Solo turned duet + Hans and Franz

I LOVE talent shows! I didn’t get any pictures because I used all the memory on my camera to record Nathan and Aaron’s skit.  When I first heard about the talent show I thought it would be a great reason to get out my guitar and actually learn and play a song start to finish. I really love guitar and my guitar is beautiful and needs to be played.  It always feels like a shame that it sat in my closet for so long.

Back at the end of my senior year of high school when I first got my guitar

When the talent show was going on Ahnna kept asking when it was her turn to dance or sing.  I didn’t think to have her practice anything since I figured she would probably get scared and not want to do it since she is so little. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.  Since when has Ahnna shown any ounce of fear getting up in front of people?  So last minute I asked Ahnna if she wanted to come up and sing with me when it was my turn and she did.

We sang “Ours” by Taylor Swift and she did awesome!  Really she SHOULD do awesome because she was around 100% of the time I was practicing over and over.  She knew the words and had a great time. She had her own mic and that was her favorite part.

So now I want to make sure she sings in front of people a LOT.  I’ve always been wishy washy on my confidence in singing by myself.  I’ve always wanted to, just never totally sure about if I sounded any good.  So my goal is for any of my kids who are interested to never have to feel that way.  I didn’t realized that when I started practicing guitar, that my kids would get interested too, that they would start singing with me.  Just another example of what we show are kids is important to us, becomes important to them.

Aaron, Nathan, and Michael did a Hans and Franz skit.  It used to be a Saturday Night Live segment and they did a really good job.  They got some serious laughter, the video does not do it justice of course but at least you can hear what they are saying which is more than I expected. I didn’t get the very beginning or the very end either but oh well.


May 31, 2012 at 7:52 pm 1 comment

Day 37 – Sadie Hawkins Dance in my Khaki Pants

you must play this song while reading this post!

I just love all the cute things you get to do when you are young and dating!  Not that I can’t do cute things now but – ya know – it’s just different.  During the high schools lunch hour a few pretty girls knocked on my door and asked if they could leave a bunch of balloons  in Aaron’s room with a message inside that he would have to unscramble asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance.  Just one girl was asking, the other was there to help blow up balloons.  May sound obvious but ya never know about kids these days haha

Don’t know why I didn’t think to take a picture of all the balloons first but here is the message inside.  This was the best picture I got before Isaac jumped in to wreck it.

each letter was in a different balloon, there were lots of balloons.  This kind of stuff is so much fun!  The best answer I ever got to a dance.  (I don’t even know if it was a girl ask guy dance, I just didn’t want him to snag someone else so I was proactive) anyway, the best answer ever is napalm shaped in the form of a yes that was burning outside my apartment in the middle of the night when I was in college.  I did not encourage Aaron to answer in this way.  I don’t think her parents would appreciate it.


February 7, 2012 at 10:20 am 2 comments

Day 14 – Pretzel Bite Night!

It is way fun having Aaron live with us.  Today we decided to have his friends over for pretzel bites and a movie.  Aaron’s mom made the bites first after finding them on Pinterest and said they were just delicious.  Aaron was asking for them a few days back and it turned into planning a movie night!  We made 192 of them. It took like four hours to do but we had fun.  Aaron took charge of making most the bites and I made yummy dips to go with them.


We did cinnamon sugar and regular salted pretzels and for the sauces we had a sweet glaze, jalapeno cheddar, and gorgonzola garlic.  The best was the gorgonzola.  We have actually been quite addicted the gorgonzola cheese for a while now.  It is fun to host party nights!

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Day 8 – Late Birthday Cake

It was Aaron’s 17th birthday yesterday! We took him out for lunch and I meant to get him one of those tall wonderful chocolate cakes from Costco when I went to the cities but they close at 6 on Saturdays so we missed getting in by like 15 minutes. Grrr.  The next best thing is this chocolate lover’s dream cake my roommate from college introduced me to.  It is super moist and delicious.  Ahnna is just as enthralled with cake and candles as she looks.  There are only 7 candles – we decided that was close enough.  Our neighbor brought over some really delicious cookies as she occasionally does on Sunday’s too.  Everything was so good.  I think there is one cookies left and last I checked there is one piece of cake left as well.  Aaron had his friends over most of the day watching Vampire Diaries and it was a pretty chill Sunday.

Miss Sum Sum is 8 months old today as well.  No crawling yet but she is getting up on her knees so it will happen sometime soon.  She is cute and happy… unless she is mad. lol!

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