Ahnna’s Earring

May 14, 2014 at 8:32 am Leave a comment

So we had an interesting thing happen this morning. While Wendy was getting Ahnna’s hair ready for school she noticed that her earring was in tight. She began to pull it out and noticed that it was stuck and causing Ahnna some serious pain.

She continued to fiddle with it until she realized that it had been put on rather tight. So tight in fact that her skin was starting to grown around it. Wendy knew she had to get it out so she began to fiddle with it more. Ahnna started crying. She managed to get the right side out, but the left side was another story.

This left earring of hers was even tighter and the skin had begun to grow even more than the other side. This time Ahnna really began to cry because it hurt so bad. Wendy was feeling so bad but it had to come out. She’d mentioned to me she might need to take her in to numb it so it could be extracted.


I remembered that I had some lidocaine in the pantry. Yes I know….I’m a pharmacist. I had Wendy rub some gel onto Ahnna’s ear. After a minute or so it was numb and Ahnna only felt a little instead of crying which pulls at my heart strings. The earring came out and left a bit of a red mark in her ear.



It doesn’t look like much but the skin was really starting to grow over. I’m glad Wendy was able to catch it in time before it got really bad. Ahnna’s fine and at school now. Dad is an awesome worker of miracles. Ha!


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