Healing cavities without dental work update

December 17, 2013 at 9:51 am Leave a comment

So a while back, not too far since I haven’t blogged a whole lot.  I did a lot of explaining on how I was going to fix my mouth as much as possible with supplements and diet.  Well after I got pregnant, the diet went down the drain.  I had to change it to whatever I could get down.  Usually food aversions go away in the second trimester but this time they have only recently (like last week) gone away. So I’ve gone most of 36 weeks just trying to eat enough calories to get through the day. This involved no restrictions on sugar or anything, I just needed calories.

However, I did keep up the vitamins that help with dental health the entire time and I had a dentist appointment to check on things not too long ago and everything looks great!!  Not only that but all my sensitivity has gone away.  I’ve never liked cold water because it just hurt my teeth so bad but now it makes no difference.  I had a spot that used to be painful to floss because of a filling that was not done correctly, without fixing the filling, I have no pain. ZERO.  EVER.

I won’t be able to really see what is going on until I can get x-rays after baby is born but as far as my dentist and I can tell, there is nothing that needs immediate attention.  Since pregnancy is known to wreck my teeth, the fact that everything looks good / feels much better while also being pregnant is huge in my eyes.


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