Bowling and Dog “Attack”

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We struggle with family nights.  We forget most Monday’s and then when we do remember Nathan has to work late or something like that.  So it felt like a triumph when we remembered and Nathan got home at 5.  First I told the kids we were going to go ice skating.  Then I realized what a horrible idea that was since it is cold outside (outdoor rink), I can see Ahnna just crying with frustration even with the snow plow thingy’s, and I really don’t know what I would do with Summer.

Next idea. Bowling.  WAY better.  The only problem was we went to Connell and they do not have bumpers.  So Ahnna still cried out of frustration anyway.  Heck I almost cried with frustration because it was the worst I ever bowled and I didn’t get the hang of it until my last few turns.  But we all had fun and even though Ahnna cried quite a bit of the time, she liked it and wanted to come back.


The had these plunger type things that the kids could push the ball down the lane with.

There have been a few warmer days latley so we have ventured outside.  Outside my front door there is this football field sized grass area with a sidewalk all the way around it.  Perfect place to play or run around like a track.  The kids went out ahead of me while I set down some mail and got out my camera to try and get a few good outside pictures of them.  When I went out, they were on the other side of the field with Isaac on a plasma car and Ahnna pushing Summer in a stroller.  This puppy (I want to say it was a beagle but I really don’t know dog breeds) escaped from his house and went running over to play with the kids and completely nailed Isaac and made him fall off his plasma car.  The kids thought they were being attacked.  They started screaming and running around.  Of course the running made the dog run after them which made it worse.

For a while I didn’t know what to do.  I would try to call the dog over and pick him up but he scurried out of my grasp every time. I was also unfamiliar with the dog and didn’t know what to expect so I was scared of really holding him firmly. The kids were going crazy and I couldn’t leave them to get help.  There was also a neighbor who I don’t really know just watching this whole thing (thanks a lot buddy, I’m glad you were amused) Eventually I picked up Ahnna, who the dog was going after the most and ran to his owners house so he would follow me and everything was ok.  Seriously though, it felt like a huge crisis.  My kids were scared out of their mind (except for Summer who was sitting in the stroller a little bit farther away who also was entertained) Here is a photo right after the whole thing. At least my kids have stopped asking for a dog for now.



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