Thoughts on Christmas

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I finally watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and boy did I need to hear that a lot earlier.  I feel inadequate to try and summarize what they said so go watch it!

Today is the first day I feel like I have been able to do some real reflecting on this season.  There are some things that have really stuck out to me this year.

The first is that Jesus Christ is my King.  I don’t even know how to explain the reverence I feel at the actual word “King.”  I have never felt it before.  I keep trying to elaborate on it but I’ve deleted everything.

The next is the thought of how special and sacred it is when a baby is born and how amplified that feeling must have been at this particular birth.  I’ve been wondering a lot about Mary. What a scary experience to go through in the society she lived in. How old was she? Probably really young.  What was the delivery like lol!  I can’t imagine it was a comfortable place by any means to give birth.  I think it is interesting how we are all just really used to and accept where Jesus was born and it seems totally normal until I start to think about it a little more. Wait, someone HAD A BABY (not a clean experience)  around animal poo, with no one who knows how to deliver a baby around?! I’m sure she would trump any of my birthing stories.  All of which include  a clean room, a baby monitor, a well experienced doctor, and some degree of numbness from the waist down.

Even with the really lowly surroundings, I’m sure it didn’t even matter once he was here.  I remember how amazing the first few weeks with my Ahnna was. Even though recovery was hard, just standing hurt like crazy, let alone other issues I was having that I will not post on here,  haha! With all the pain, it just didn’t matter.  My baby was here and she was so special.  Was Mary’s feeling amplified knowing he was the Son of God?  Did it even seem real?


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