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I always thought I was just too lazy to have any desire to teach my kids to read by myself.  However,  Ahnna was just a few months too young to go into kindergarten with most her friends this year.  One day another mom told me that they are already learning how to read and it was at that point that it occurred to me that Ahnna is probably perfectly capable of reading and maybe I should try to put forth the effort to encourage it.

Thank goodness I heard of this book.










The lessons are really short and and it is so intuitive.  So even the lazy parent like me can do them.  The hardest part was reading the introduction in how to use the book (which wasn’t bad).  Other than that every lesson is scripted and 10 minutes or less.  The book was also like $25. So don’t waste your money on those $100+ systems.

The BEST part and why I am blogging about it is Ahnna gets SO EXCITED when she recognizes that she is reading real words.  There was one day we did 4 lessons just because she was excited and didn’t want to stop.  Then her poor little brain had enough new stuff for one day. I LOVE seeing her learn, it is so exiting.  There are times she gets a little discouraged but with a little prodding she overcomes it.  Luckily, my kids also do almost anything for chocolate milk lol!  I was teaching Isaac for a while too.  At about lesson 10 I could tell he just doesn’t have the desire which is fine.  He is 3.  I will try again when he is like 4 1/2.  The cool part though is that he could do it.  If I made him sit there he could grasp what we were doing, I’m just pretty sure he would end up hating it if I made him do it now.

We are on lesson 25 and Ahnna is sounding out short sentences and reminding me of her lesson every day.  I like how it forces me to sit with just her for a few minutes too.  I highly recommend this book!



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