Ahnna’s Birthday

October 24, 2012 at 3:41 pm 1 comment

Ahnna’s grandparents came the day before her birthday.  My mom came for a while but she had to get back to babysit and then the Spinelli grandparents came and we had a small family party.  They got the older kids scooters (no one wanted to listen to Isaac whine, haha) and then we went to Walmart to get Ahnna’s ears pierced.

She had been asking me forever to get them pierced.  I was trying to get her to wait by telling her they shove metal through you ears and it hurts.  It didn’t work until one night we said it would hurt worse than shots and then she cried.  Then I felt horrible, like I crushed her dreams.

She was so excited and sat totally still for the first side.  Then she cried until she looked in a mirror and liked what she saw.  The waterworks came back stronger than ever, however, when we said “ok time for the other side.” Oh man she freaked out.  Her patient grandma was wanting to give her all the time she needed to calm down.  We were waiting and waiting and I just wanted it over.  I figured the freaking out was mostly anticipation which is always worse than just doing it.  So I took her and two of us held her down and as soon as the second one went in, she stopped crying.

She loves her earrings now.  I’m just hoping she does not get curious and take them out before it is time. I was amazed how excited I was for her to get them, and now I’m excited about getting her earrings to wear.

Today we had her kid party.  It was suppose to be the same day as when the grandparents were here, but things ended up too crazy last week so I rescheduled.
It was really relaxed as opposed to last year when I started planning it in August. I did most the planning yesterday and the preparing this morning and it was great. I wasn’t a giant stress ball and the kids played and had fun for a while and ate cake.

The tutorial I found on pinterest on how to do characters from coloring books worked out great!  The cracks happened because I frosted it when it was rock hard frozen and then it settled.

I HAD to do a rainbow Rainbow Dash cake.  I had this idea months ago and convinced Ahnna, who loves My Little Pony, to do it… Next year I swear I will let her decide and not intervene.

The kids had fun with playing Just Dance 3 and in the toy room.  I have to say Summer was dancing like a maniac haha! She was moving until I turned the TV off, it was so cute!

Thanks to all the moms who stayed.  We could have managed but it is always nice to have extra hands and good company. 🙂


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  • 1. Stefanie Giles  |  October 24, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Thanks for the invite and yes the cake was as good as it looks! 🙂


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