Tough Mudder-Nathan’s Review

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Wendy did a post on the “mudder” and I wanted to do one to give my point of view too. Wendy’s posts are usually better done than mine but that’s ok.

Even though I was totally looking forward to running the event I did find myself nervous the night before. It was weird. We got to the area and trekked the mile to get to the main starting area. The first obstacle was actually scaling an 8 foot wall to get into the starting area. Their was a great sense of camaraderie already at the beginning. They had a guy on a mic getting our heat ready. After yelling and listening to the national anthem we began the run.

The first obstacle was your standard military slog through mud under barbed wire. No big deal. The next obstacle was the one I was worried about most. The arctic enema is a large dumpster like container filled to the brim with ice water. I plunged in. You have to go under a wall built in the middle. When I go under the ice I was expecting maybe a couple feet. It was more like a solid 4 feet. I had to pull myself under and over to the other side. I thought Wendy was right behind me so when I popped up on the other side I thought she was going to be popping up any second. When I saw no Wendy I got a bit scared that she might be having problems. I was worried and stayed in the water. It seemed like a long time and as I was worrying more, I saw Wendy jump in. I had some guys yelling at me to get out but I wasn’t about to move until Wendy was gettin out with me. After we got out I figured we better keep running to help get our body heat up. We continued on.

I don’t remember what the actualy third obstacle was but I do remember a lot of going up and down hills throughout the whole course. Some were muddier than others. I did enjoy the “mud mile”. It was essentially humps of solid ground with a stretch of about 6 or 7 feet of deep mud in between. It was a standing long jump from one to the other. I did hit my hand and shin on a giant rock. That was my first injury. not too long after getting past the mud mile we were already at mile 3. A big banner said that we had just finished the warrior dash, another run that is only 3 miles.

It was at this point we did do some running through the forest which was actually really nice. There were a few points where we had to slow way down or just walk because of the terrain. We eventually came to some berlin walls, which were about 8 feet tall. Not a big deal. Kevin and I helped the girls over with one of us getting to the top first to help steady the girls when they were climbing. There were 3 sets of berlin walls; 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot.  The 12 foot walls took a little more help from others but we scaled them all.

The first obstacle involving electricity was a ground crawl under dangling wires. They weren’t all live. I think they rotated through different ones or something cuz I know I hit some that did nothing. When I did get a jolt it felt like my whole body was lifted off the ground. They came mostly toward the end of the crawl.

About 1/3 of the way through we hit what I can only described as a mud hill slog. I use the word slog repeatedly because that’s what it felt like. We had to crawl up a small hill that was completely muddy and then back down again x5. At times we had to make human ladders for people to get up. In the center the mud was probably 2 feet deep or so. I was feeling a little winded after that one.

We headed back into the forest and encountered a spiders web. It was a cable run between trees with a cargo net hanging down. People were on one side holding the netting taut to help people get over easier. When I got over, Kevin and I both held it down to help others over. There was a sense of fear holding the netting down as people were climbing back down. We both didn’t want to get nailed by falling bodies.

After some more forest running we came out into the clearing. We did have some stations during the race that had water and bananas. There were 4 I think but I can’t remember well. The whole thing is kind of a blur. We had a lot of areas where we winded back on areas we had already run through. The last 1/3 of the race or so consisted of the hill. At first it was about a 50-60 degree incline. They put a cargo net up to help us up. And then it was the trek to the top. This is when my left quad decided it was time to cramp up. It wasn’t like any cramps I’ve had before. It didn’t really hurt it just slowed my leg down from moving it like I wanted it to.

This is the actual hill. It is much steeper than what it looks like here.

We made it to monkey bars and rings over water. This wasn’t an obstacle we could really help each other on. I was able to make both. The other three fell in the water.

The monkey bars were harder than I thought, not because I’m not 8 anymore but because they twisted in place. I almost lost my grip because my hand rotated so much that my fingers were almost under the bar.

The last few obstacles involved crawling down a tube into water and then back up a tube. Going down was easy. Going up took forever. Especially with nothing to grip. It wasn’t for those that had claustrophobia.

There was the half-pipe at the end where you had to run up and then climb over the top. This is where team work came in handy. I slipped at the top and ended up sliding down to the grass on my bum.

After that Kevin and I ran through electro-shock therapy. Essentially a ton of dangling live wires. As I was running through at one point I got a jolt and both my legs kicked up. I almost ate mud but was able to pull out of it ok.

And after that I was crowned with my Tough Mudder headband with my team. It was a lot of fun. I would do it again with a team. I have to give props to Lena and Kevin for keeping me and Wendy going. I think those two led the way most of the time.

I’m sore and have bruises and I think I might lose a toe nail but I had a great time.


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