Once Upon a Time Rant and Interesting Insight

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The Grandparents’ Spinelli have the older two kids today and Summer decided to take a 4 hour nap after church. What does that mean? Nathan and I got to watch 5 hours straight of Once Upon a Time. The story line is intriguing however slow but I like it anyway.

Why am I annoyed?

Because I am noticing a common trend in media these days.  They create a situation where two people are married and one person in the marriage decides they love someone else and they show the story in a way that makes you want to like the people having the affair,  therefore making the affair seem rational and the right thing to do.

I’m not going to do a whole lot of background so you just have to know to show to keep up.  I really hate how they took characters who are suppose to symbolize nobility, morality, and goodness in all its forms and turn them into lying cheaters in the name of “True Love.”  This kind of crap is what gives young girls a false sense of what love is. I have thought this for a long time actually with Disney movies.  Most Disney princess movies involve the princess changing the man somehow (HA!) and then marriage is “the happy ending”

I hate this notion that “love chooses you” and we have no choice but to follow it if you are married or not.  That is a load of crap.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know there are totally legitimate reason’s to leave your spouse, like different forms of abuse.  That is not what I am talking about here.  I’m talking about lousy people who cheat and the media twisting it in a way that makes it seem perfectly ok.  That is my rant right now.  At first I loved watching this show with Ahnna but do I want her following a story line where the main guy cheats on his spouse to be with the main girl?  Granted, in this particular story line, they have fake memories that they are married.  The point is however, that Charming THINKS he is married and does it anyway.  A valiant, noble, prince. A cheater.

Disclaimer: I realize I’m a nerd for reading into this so much in the following paragraphs, but this is just how my brain works. I know it is JUST a show.

So I am not excusing my above rant at all in the least. However, I did have this thought. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I believe that we lived with God before we were born and then sent to this Earth to gain a body and the knowledge that we are God’s children and eventually through baptism, repentance, and other things, live with him again after we die. In order to learn and grow here in this world we forget everything of living with God at birth.  In a way this show reminds me of this.  All these characters have a past life, and then were sent to a new realm where they can’t remember who they really are.  They are lost and wondering around, not understanding the flow of time and they are waiting for their savior to come help them remember so they can go back to their previous life.

So since they can’t remember who they are should I really hold their actions to the same standard I would if they did know?  Would any of us make even half as many bad choices if we really could grasp what being children of God means?  I guess it does show that when they are their true selves that Charming does not go through with his marriage to the other girl in the first place which is acceptable.  Hmmm. Interesting.


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