Awesome things about Isaac

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I meant to do this as part of Isaac’s birthday post but I totally forgot.

Isaac may be forced to play with girly toys or watch girly shows like My Little Pony with his big sister but he still is very much a boy.  He likes anything with wheels and transformers.  EVERY time there is a semi on the road he says.  There’s Optimus! There’s another Optimus!  Seriously even if there are five in a row he will repeat himself five times.  It is also funny when we pass a dairy and get that wonderful cow scent.  He says “ewe I smell poo poo cow! Cow’s need to poo poo in potty!”

He thinks nudity is really funny and prefers to wear only underwear as often as he can… He would do less than that if  we allowed him.  If Summer is in just a diaper, “She’s naked! HAhahaa!  If his dad has his shirt off, “he’s naked! HAhaha!

Isaac likes to pretend to be animals and try to lick you.  He also pretends to be the baby.  Now that Summer is learning to walk, he has to take his turn walking all wobbly and slow toward me.  His little sister loves him a lot and he is pretty good at playing with her.  Summer is also good at being a pestering little sister already.  If he is asleep on the floor or the couch, she immediately goes over to poke him in the face or crawl over him.  “No baby, or No Summer” is often part of his vocabulary and rightly so.

His dad taught him to flex and it’s really cute, he loves baths, he is a spirited fighter when he does not want to do something.  He will fight until I pretend that he really hurt my feelings, he will try to stay strong after that but soon relents and wants hugs and comfort.  He is a cuddly little guy and needs lots of physical affection.  He still takes comfort in drinking milk by always downing his entire sippy cup slowly while twirling his finger in his hair, usually before he touches any food.

Isaac is the only kid who likes vegetables.  He is more adventurous with food period compared to Ahnna.

He is really smart.  He can identify most letters and numbers 1-10.  He “writes” letters using mini-marshmallows.  He knows his colors, shapes, and body parts. Don’t know if I should admit it but I haven’t really worked with him on much of this stuff.  Like he figured out making letters out of marshmallows on his own.

I love my little special guy.  I saw a little newborn boy on TV today and couldn’t help but hope someday Isaac gets a little brother.  (that is neither an announcement or any indication we are considering a baby anytime soon)  I’m excited to see what new characteristics he takes on this year!



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