The Pam-A-Thon

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Last Saturday I ran my first 10k.   This Othello event was put on in honer of Pam Pass who died within the year of cancer.  I met her before and her daughter, Molly, who put this on, had Pam’s first grandchild not too long before she passed.  It was on Pam’s bucket list to do a half marathon and she never got to so Molly did this for her.

The run went really well for me.  I did most of it at what felt like a slower pace and then as I knew it was almost over I had a lot of energy and was able to speed up.  I’ve never ran over 5 miles so even though it is only 1.3 miles longer than that I wasn’t certain of my endurance level for it.  This was the first time where I got into a rhythm that I felt like I could hold all day. There was some confusion at the end on where I was suppose to turn to finish the race, it slowed me down and I walked back to talk to someone about where to go.  She was well meaning but we went down the wrong street so I did not go  quite the distance but it was really close so it almost didn’t matter.  So with the delay, I finished in just over an hour which made me happy because I thought my slow pace was slower than a 10 minute mile.

With the lack of sleep from the previous night (late showing of The Hunger Games) and that runner’s high at the end that made me feel like I could do more than I really should have,  my body revolted  the rest of the day and Sunday.  I wasn’t really sore, I was just beat.

So now that I know I can do a 10k, it is on to a half marathon! As long as I can train for it. I found it hard to get all the time I needed to run 3 or 4 miles before so we will see if I get any longer runs in there.  I have to make 5 miles my shorter run days.



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