Kid Fun!

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When I was making the fondant animals Ahnna BEGGED me for days to do a crocodile.  I had to wait until I was done with the cake to do it and she was so excited.  I like him a lot.  I think he is my favorite.


So the next thing Ahnna wanted to do was make the animals herself so we made a bunch of play dough.


Then I showed her how to make the animals and she actually followed a long really well!


This was all Ahnna.  I helped just the tiniest bit by pulling off the different amounts of dough for the different body parts but that was about it.  Then today she pulled out the dough and made more all by herself.  I’m so happy I did that cake just because I can teach my kids how to actually make something out of play dough.  When I was a kid I never got past making snakes, balls, and pancakes, and that is about what I see from most kids.  Ahnna is already way ahead of what I ever did.

Oh and the lion’s make me smile.  I helped Isaac with his (the yellow and green one)


What we did TOADY though was awesome.  I got this from Nathan’s sister who blogged about her little boy doing this and I had to try it out.

Colored shaving cream in the shower


He discovered he could put it on himself as well.





This was way fun but it ended in tears.  I didn’t think about shaving cream getting in their eyes and Isaac was the victim, poor guy.  I just showered them off and then sprayed down the tub and the mess was gone.  My SIL had a good warning for if you want to try this at home.  If you have grout make sure you scrub it right away so the food coloring does not stain it.  She said she sprayed it with cleaner and let it sit a bit before she scrubbed hers off.


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