Day 44 – Eating Better

February 14, 2012 at 9:04 pm 5 comments

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of my eating habits.  With working out and wanting to look fit I KNOW food is going to make a big difference.  I have three big issues that are a huge hindrance to eating healthy right now. 1. Sugar 2. Eating right state of mind. 3. Kids

I am completely addicted to sugar. Addicted to the point where if I am eating healthy and doing well I feel lethargic and tired and like I can’t function.  About 15 minutes after getting a cookie or a piece of chocolate I perk up completely and I’m ready to go.  Going through that withdrawal feels impossible with trying to keep up with the kids.

Now the other part is whenever I decide I am going to eat better, even when I’m trying to be relaxed about it,  I end up thinking about food more and stressing that I can’t eat it, so I break down and just eat more.  When I’m not stressing about food I really don’t eat much but my selection of food is horrible.


Kids. It’s much easier to make mac and cheese or peanut butter and honey and just eat what they do.  It is a lot harder to make them eat what I should eat which is something that will take longer to make and they most likely won’t touch and making separate things is even more work – almost impossible.

I recently realized the food blogs I subscribe to are all about baking and desserts and mostly the tasty food I need to limit. So I need to dive into tasty healthy blogs that will hopefully help me take another step in the right direction and unsubscribe from the dessert ones.  They both have pictures that make them look delicious and that is really the biggest motivator for me actually making it.  You are what you surround yourself with so I need some different food friends.


Since I am on the petite side, I can understand some people thinking that maybe since I can get away with eating unhealthy things and not gaining a ton of weight than maybe I shouldn’t worry about it.  On the other hand, I want to know what I could look like if I actually could eat healthy.  What would make me feel really good is seeing if I can actually get away from the sugar vice.  It is annoying that something has so much control over me. My brother has complete self mastery over his diet.  He can go months eating nothing but low calorie good things.  When we visited for Thanksgiving he broke his diet and felt sick and didn’t like it because his body was so used to not having any junk.

That reminds me.  Obstacle number 4 is budget.

But never mind the excuses.  I’m going to do what I CAN. Right now that is getting the new food friends.



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43 Epic Fail

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  • 1. Rhiannon Leppert  |  February 15, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Water, water, water. Drink plenty of water. And you can put fruit in it, like oranges, lemons, limes, or you can go with cucumbers, mint leaves, etc. Anything to focus your mind on other flavors and of the healthier variety.

    You don’t have to cut out all sugar and sweets, but you should learn to moderate yourself on your intake. 🙂 I know, easier said than done, and definitely no fun when you’re craving sweets. But if you’re having 3 sensible meals daily, along with 2 snacks (mid-morning, mid-day) then your body isn’t going to trigger for hunger as often. I kid you not when I say that a string cheese and a small apple for one snack and then an orange and a pouch of tuna fish for the 2nd snack of the day will help to alleviate the cravings for sugar. Why? Because the natural sugar in the fruit is all our bodies really need to satisfy our sugar needs. I completely turned my eating habits around when I was faithfully eating meals and snacks like I should. And if you figure out how many calories your body needs daily (varies by weight, of course) then you’ll have a better idea of what foods you should be eating at what times of day.

    If you want a copy or sample of the plan we use (it really works as long as you stick with it) I’d be happy to send it to you. Just let me know. A personal trainer we had a few years ago gave it to us and we are getting back into it again. You just have to be disciplined and well-stocked in the fridge and pantry to be partially successful. : )

    • 2. Wendy  |  February 15, 2012 at 8:40 am

      Sure, I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the plan. Can you email it? My address is summerspice(at)

  • 3. Trista Teeter  |  February 15, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    I went through this about 2 years ago and it IS a process–Russ just got on board with it fully about 6 months ago and we’re so much better off health-wise for it!!

    A few things I would HIGHLY recommend checking out when switching to more whole foods:

    -Food Rules by Michael Pollan
    -This is a VERY short read but with SO much common-sense information in it!! A great place to start off. All it is is on each page it lists one “rule” such as, “If your grandma (or our great-grandma for our generation) doesn’t recognize something in the grocery store, don’t touch it.” (he uses Go-gurts as an example.)

    -In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
    -A bit more lengthy, but worth it!! It goes into much more detail on “real” foods. Why you never want to go with low-fat foods, why to eat “real” sugar, etc. Once you get used to the mindset, it’s pretty easy–and I love that I feel like I’m cheating, lol. When the rest of the world says, “No fat! No sugar!” I’m sitting here pouring maple syrup and half-and-half into my tea. We were at Target one day and a woman came up and asked for a coffee. When they asked if she wanted cream or sugar she says, “No cream and um….(she gets real close to the woman and whispers) 17 Splendas, please.” SERIOUSLY!? Then she kind of laughs at herself and says, “I’m trying to lose some weight by cutting out all fat.” Sorry lady, 17 Splendas is not exactly helping you!! lol.
    -She has weekly meal plans and SUCH great, simple ideas for families with kids (Note: Kid-friendly whole foods are a great way to start transitioning to “adult” whole foods, lol, it’s a bit less of a shock to the system!). You CAN do peanut butter and honey sandwiches AND mac and cheese!! You just have to health-ify it a bit. And truly, it doesn’t take a ton more time or money. It does take a bit of patience in the beginning because come on…switching over to a completely new type of lifestyle?? Not easy!!

    -When I found this site, I went back and read her entire journey of her “Original 100 Days” and definitely the “100 Days on a Budget” posts where she limited their food expenses to the money they’d receive if their family was on food stamps (2 adults, 2 kids = ~$135/week). She has some super simple and delicious meal plans on her Facebook page. I love that it has the meal plan, the recipes, the grocery list (with the prices that you can expect to pay for the organic versions at the places she shops), and she does them for each season so you can get a lot of the items at the farmer’s market.

    -Food, Inc.
    -I totally think everyone should watch this video (on Netflix instant watch)–who doesn’t want to know where their food comes from?? There are also other really good “real food” related videos on Netflix.

    And as far as sweets go…we follow one of Michael Pollan’s “rules”: Eat as much junk food as you want, so long as it’s homemade (and with whole food ingredients, but Russ doesn’t always agree with that part, lol).

    And I’m happy to be an online food buddy! You can email me at tristateeter at gmail if you want to talk more! It can be a bit overwhelming at first, and it is easier with people to talk to about everything. Once you wade through it all and start feeling comfortable with things, there are so many ways to make eating healthy affordable. One thing is making things yourself–our main snack in these parts (other than fruit, which we go through at an astonishing rate thanks to these growing kids), is homemade granola. So easy, so delicious! And then you make some homemade yogurt to go with it and it’s pure bliss and SO good for you!

    And good luck! Changing habits is HARD, but what did it for me was looking at the eating habits that I learned from MY parents and then realizing the really bad ones that I was passing down to my kids. And thinking about what kind of eating habits I DO want them to have and figuring out how to instill those. Ironically, my parents have seen how much we’ve changed (before, I could never, ever regardless of how much dieting and exercise, get under 150 pounds and now, not worrying about what I eat or when I exercise (I try to run a mile in the mornings at least 3 times per week, but it’s more for my mental health than anything else, lol), I hover around 135 and am SO much happier here!), so they are finally taking some of the little hints I’ve dropped here and there and are finally embracing more of the real-food lifestyle and have lost the most weight then they have in over 10 years.

    Okay…done rambling. As you can tell, I can talk about food for awhile, lol… Let me know if you have any questions, comments, whatever!

    • 4. Wendy  |  February 15, 2012 at 4:28 pm

      Wow Trista you are amazing! Luckily Nathan does a ton of food research so it is not a shock that fat and real sugar do have their place in our diet and artificial sweeteners should never come near the front door. Thanks for the resources. I will start looking at them and might have some questions later on.

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