Day 38 – Pantry Organization

February 8, 2012 at 11:07 pm Leave a comment

72 Hour kits are done!  Next up is 3 month supply of food.  Part of getting everything ready for a good three month food supply is organizing for maximum capacity and ease of rotation in the pantry. Yes! A good excuse to buy organizational things!  I really wanted to get vintage looking glass jars with really awesome labels for everything that comes in bags or containers I just hate dealing with.  However, still on a budget, I had to make do with the rest of the vinyl my mother-in-law got me a few years back and the roughly $2 containers from Walmart.  Not amazingly stylish but I still LOVE them!  I just love organisation, especially in a place like a pantry which can start to look like a cave.  A major reason we bought this house was because it has a huge pantry.  And now I have more room to cram food into it.

The bluetooth connection from my phone to the computer stopped working so I can’t show the other ones I did.  Frustrating!  I also have containers for sugar, corn starch, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and nuts.  Soon I will have one for coco too but I bought out the containers at our Walmart.  I also got a bunch of cardboard can rotation boxes.  They are very sturdy and I think they will hold up well.  You can check out the store here or click on the picture.




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