Day 34 – Shoes!

February 5, 2012 at 8:43 am Leave a comment

My New Shoes

I ran everyday from Monday until Wednesday this week until something bad happened.  My knees started hurting.  Luckily my friend said she knows she needs new shoes when her knees start to hurt.  Even if they look like they are in good shape, the padding gets worn out quickly.  So I started thinking about how long I have had my shoes that honestly still look really great on the outside.  I originally got the for a PE class, in 9th grade!! so I have had them for only, ya know, 11 or 12 years!  I did a lot of running on them in college even and my knees never hurt then.  Either I was just young enough it didn’t matter much or I just had super awesome shoes.  Either way it was TIME for some new running shoes. (Yippee new shoes!!)

That means I couldn’t run until I got new shoes so I had to wait until I went into town today, Friday. 😦

I know I should probably go to one of those stores where you get fitted to shoes but I just don’t have time to go make a special trip without the kids, so what did I do? I bought the first pair I tried on at Costco because they felt really nice and Costco gets pretty good quality stuff and ANYTHING was better than what I had been running on.

I sure hope me knee pain is gone when I run tomorrow!


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