Day 32

February 2, 2012 at 2:47 pm 2 comments

I was a Bachelor or Fine Arts major at University of Idaho with emphasis in Graphic Design. I loved college and I loved my degree. I made to choice to have a family instead of finish the degree.  I don’t regret getting married or having kids when I did.  If I was just a little more responsible in my commitments at the time I think I could have finished before Ahnna was born. However, I did have a great graphic design job between being a full time student and having my first child and I feel capable in the area even though I don’t have the official documentation.

I read a little while back that “art is anything you can get away with.” Personally I don’t want anything I make to feel like that. I want it to be personal because if it does not matter to me than why should I expect it to matter to anyone else?

I added a “shop” tab with some printable artwork I started.  I love printable stuff because you own a digital file and don’t have to worry about shipping costs and if you want good quality printing, Costco does a great job for super cheap.  I have been selling birthday invitations for a while now so I added those on too.  They are totally customizable.  Here are my first three printable art pieces with explanations. (Watermark is taken off after purchase)

This is a quote I saw pinned on pinterest many times. I found it important that the emphasis in the quote was on “Never Ends” instead of the usual emphasis on “True Love.” When it seems we live in a time where nothing ever lasts I want people to remember that somethings don’t have to end. With the blessings of the temple families can be together forever. “True Love” is not just romantic feelings between man and woman, it’s enduring, commitment, family, it lasts through generations in an unbroken chain. A True Love Story NEVER ENDS. Learn more about the temple and families

This is another quote I saw on pinterest but instead of seeing it in a romantic sense, it reminded me of the feelings I had when my son was born.  After I saw him it felt like he had always been here and I just “found” him like the quote suggests.

This quote made a huge impact on me when I was a teenager. At first I used it to motivate myself in excelling in music but I noticed my thoughts going back to it whenever I felt challenged in other areas of my life.  Now it is still never far from my thoughts as I continue to try everyday to be better than I was the day before.  I find it remarkable the capacity we have as human beings to learn, overcome obstacles, and build upon ourselves. We all can do so much more than we even know, we just need to try.


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  • 1. Olivia Johnson  |  February 9, 2012 at 9:24 am

    Hey, how much would you charge for one of those “love story” prints? I want one of those! It would be really great if I could get it before Valentines day, but considering we are on opposite sides of the country, that probably can’t happen this time around. Really nice work though. I like these.

    • 2. Wendy  |  February 9, 2012 at 10:10 am

      If you click on the picture it should take you to the Etsy store. If not click on the picture in the “Shop” page.


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