Day 7 – Shooting

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Got my gun yesterday and wasted no time in getting some rounds through it today.  Nathan and I went on a double date to an indoor (YES not in the freezing cold) shooting range with some friends.  I LOVE my gun. Weird that I feel a little attached to it.  I’m glad I spent time finding one that fit my hand so well and it just feels good to have one that is MINE.  I didn’t really expect that.  I think I shot pretty well for my first time.


If you can see past my goofy smile I got a few in the center there on my target. This was my second clip I emptied. But let me show you what made me really happy.


I got the courage to shoot Nathan’s glock.  This target was used a lot so I circled the five rounds I shot.  That is right, those two holes were five shots. One on the bottom right of the red dot and 4 to the top left. Woot!  Ok not on the red dot but still an awesome grouping.  Firing his gun has a lot more kick back than mine so I find it scary which makes me focus more so I think it makes me a better shot lol!


And what ended the night for me was nearly shooting someone.  I was super paranoid about making sure I was safe before I even got in there.  So this was terribly embarrassing.  Let me explain.  The shells that fall from the gun bounce off the sides of the shooting booth to every different direction.  You get hit and it doesn’t hurt really, just startled me sometimes.  I am in the booth shooting and brass hits me on the head.  No big deal, didn’t even flinch, I shoot again the exact same way as before  and the shell goes down my shirt and it is really hot, burning.  I was not thinking correctly.  It did not occur to me that it was going to cool down quickly, all I could think was I’m getting burned and it is in my shirt and I must get it out so it will stop burning me. So. I dropped a loaded gun on the ground while I was frantically trying to get the shell out of my shirt.  LUCKY FOR ME my gun has a safety feature where it will not fire if it is dropped. Dummy!  Now I know to wear a turtle neck and if something like that happens, sure it is hot but it is going to cool, everything is fine. DO NOT drop the gun!  After that I didn’t want to touch a gun for fear of doing something stupid again.  Shooting was fun.  I will do it again.  I was just feeling the shame. I do have burn marks so I wasn’t being a total wimp about it hurting…


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