Day 3 – Sleep Apnea?

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Sleep apnea is a disorder where you have small episodes where you stop breathing in your sleep and it constantly wakes you up just enough throughout the night so you don’t sleep very well and suffer from severe fatigue during the day.  Well I don’t stop breathing but I do wake up about a hundred times a night.  This form of sleep apnea has a name and her name is Summer Spinelli.  She wakes up and fusses just enough that I have to get up and put her bink in and then she settles down at least once an hour all night long.

I blame teething. Ahnna had the highest pain tolerance I have ever seen and didn’t really have a huge problem.  Isaac was a little more fussy.  Summer is just in pain all the time and she lets you know. I’m doing what I can for the pain but there is only so much you can do.  Her teeth have been trying to come in for too long now.  The bottoms finally popped through in the last few days  but last night her amount of waking up was higher still.  Just putting the bink back in is starting to not work either.  Is it just habit now?

My tolerance for sleepless nights have greatly increased with each kid.  It is very possible things did not get to this point with the other kids because I did not have the patients to do it and just let them cry and teach themselves to fall back asleep on their own.  I think it is time.  The older kids will have a slumber party on the floor in our room until she learns to sleep a little more.  Aaron says he sleeps though her crying anyway so hopefully it won’t be a problem for him.  If I close her door and and the door to our room you can barely hear crying (I found out with Isaac) so hopefully Nathan will be able to sleep.

I don’t let them cry all night.  I tell myself just wait 15 minutes before I go in there at all (seems like FOREVER) and after a few nights of that they seem to settle down faster.  I hope it works!


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