Casual 4 Year Old Conversation

December 8, 2011 at 4:09 pm Leave a comment

During preschool today, the girls were talking as they were coloring their letters.

Girl 1: You can’t be so bossy, maybe one day when you are a mom you can

Girl 2: When you are a mom you have to kiss the dad on the lips

Girl 1: No you don’t!

Girl 2: Yes you do! You have to kiss him if you want a baby!

LOL! Whew – that was a good one.

In other preschool fun today, I decided to use glitter on our craft. Just some foam snowflakes with a little glue and sprinkle on the glitter over a plate. I thought it should be fairly controlled.  However, when I wasn’t looking, an overexcited Isaac got a hold of one of the containers of glitter and pulled the cap off, resulting in a cloud of glitter that went everywhere.  Isaac was covered in it.  It was even on his tongue and he was trying hard to get it off poor guy.  In the end he failed and it will just have to come out the other end.  There is now a thin layer of glitter covering the table and floor.  If I was feeling highly motivated, I would try to get it up with tape or something but I’m not.  In fact I’ve been in a really weird mood lately, I hope it goes away soon.  It is like I’m having ADD symptoms and it is really annoying.  I can’t focus on anything.


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The First Snow Isaac’s new favorite toy

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