Never Underestimate a Kid and Their Candy

November 21, 2011 at 10:48 am Leave a comment

Usually when we go to Walmart (the only large store in town) I go to the toy section and let the kids look around.  I almost never buy anything for them.  In fact the are so used to not getting anything that there is no sign of disappointment when I say “it’s time to put it back.”  Today was the rare occasion I decided they could pick out a small toy. Something under $5.  Really it is because Ahnna was crying the whole way to the store and I just did not have the patients for it, so I said “Ahnna I was planning on letting you pick out a toy today but I can’t get you one if you are crying.” She stopped before we left the car.  Who is manipulating who? It’s all me – she does not know that her crying got her the treat in the first place unless she is WAY smarter than I give her credit for.

So when we were in there she asked for candy. I was hoping she would get a toy so I was really trying to sell it.  I got every little thing she has been looking at and asking for for months and said “Do you want this or candy?” and EVERY time. “Nope, candy.”  It was the same way with Isaac as well. He always tries to put Matchbax cars in the cart but when I mentioned candy he put everything back and was gung ho on going to the candy isle (is that how you spell “isle” or is that like an island? Darn language)

So they got chocolate money. Maybe they are both smarter than I supposed…


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