The Ever Changing Room for an Ever Changing Life

November 10, 2011 at 12:45 pm 2 comments

Once again we revisit the once playroom turned nursery and now – it’s the kids room.

My nephew, Aaron, recently moved in with us.  We honestly couldn’t hold back our excitement for him to come.  He has been here just 2 weeks now but it has been really nice having him.  Not only is it nice to have another set of hands half the day to help out with the little ones, move heavy stuff, and clean out the garage (mwahahaha, slave labor).  Did I say that was nice? I really mean totally super freaking awesome.  We also see a lot more of the teenagers in town and I highly enjoy having them come over.

Anyway, I never decorated the kids room when it was just Ahnna and Isaac.  There was nothing I could think of that felt like “yes! that would be so much fun!” when it came to decorating it.  This ended up being a blessing since I moved them into the nursery.  I have just spent too much time on that room to make it all miss match now.  After some brainstorming and some luck I figured out the cheapest way to make it all look nice in there.  My mom had my 2 sets of yellow sheets from when I went to college (and just had to have matching bedding with my roommate, ok maybe I’m a little obsessive compulsive). I also got 2 white down alternative blankets from for $18 each. After I stole a few pillows I made for the baby’s crib I got this!!

And the crib still looks cute, even without the pillows that now live on the kids bed.

I love little sleeping babies, so cute!

Having all the kids in one room is great.  I am going to leave it this way as long as possible.  The bigger toys like rocking horse and kitchen set are in Aaron’s room so he has to put up with some play in there but he does not seem to mind much. Eventually, when Aaron moves out, that room will be the play room.

I LOVE that I was able to come up with a simple and inexpensive solution.  Too often I think of the inexpensive way AFTER I do it the expensive way.

Sometimes teens can use a change of scenery and we are glad Aaron is a part of ours.  So welcome to living in the middle of no where Aaron, lol!


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  • 1. Saunders Stories » Blog Archive » Day 303–Change is Good?  |  November 11, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    […] of scenery in order to get out of his slump. He felt he needed it as well. We are so blessed that Jeremy’s sister and her husband were so willing to accept Aaron into their home. U will be eternally grateful for […]

  • 2. Mimi  |  November 11, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    It looks fantastic. Maybe you should come decorate my house next time! I am so grateful you have such a positive attitude about all this change. Eternally grateful!


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