Liar Liar Pants on Fire

October 27, 2011 at 9:15 pm Leave a comment

My mom always said that lying is ok around birthdays and Christmas.  Regardless, I have always had a horrible time keeping anything from anyone.  For April Fool’s a few years ago I was suppose to make my husband think I was pregnant for the whole day (we had a little baby at the time so being pregnant was a not-so-awesome thing at the time, so I thought.) I think I kept the truth from him for almost an hour before I HAD to tell him April Fools.  Good thing I told him too because he was a little disappointed about it. That was a really bad joke. I promised him I would never do it again unless we are 80 years old.

So I was at Wal-Mart when I mozied into the toy section and saw a ton of Tangled items on clearance.  Like BIG clearance.  I was planning on making Ahnna a Rapunzel dress up dress for her B-Day but then I saw the $20 dress at the store on clearance for $5!!!!!!!! Done and done.  I pulled it down and tried my hardest to hide it from my daughter’s all seeing eyes.  I almost got away with it until we were almost to the cash register.

“Mom what’s that? Is that my dress? I want to see it!”

Me- “No it’s not yours, we are not buying it, I’m going to put it back” (lies – all lies)

At this point there were no tears, just disappointed kid.

I tried to hide it as I pulled it out for the cashier to ring it up but he made a mistake and had to take longer than usual, so of course she saw it again.

“Mom, I want to hold the dress, please!?”

Me – (trying to tuck it away as fast as possible) “no you can’t hold it, it’s not for you” (lies, lies, lies!)

The tears start, and I am feeling so bad. She tried to calm down to ask who it is for only to have a new wave of gushing start again from having to ask.  I told her it was for her cousin. (lies!) She cried a bit longer.  Oh I was feeling so bad, not only was I lying but I was crushing my girls dreams.  So instead of giving in and just giving her the dress, we got ice cream.

As you can see, all it took was ice cream. Crisis over.  Phew!


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