Budgeting Series – Our Budget Template

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I must say first that all the values in sample below have been changed.  It is only a sample and please change the categories to match your life on the Budget TemplateFor some reason the formulas in the template go away when I upload it to wordpress.  I figure it is a good start anyway but just note that you will have to add in the formulas so it adds everything automatically.

I understand everyone gets paid differently but we get paid every two weeks so that is how this sheet is set up.  I have everything divided into either a bill or an expense.  Things that are an expense are taken out in cash and divided into envelopes.  That is right I buy everything with cash.  That way it is so easy to see how much money I have for what area.  I was NOT a believer in this method for a long time.  It use to be if I had cash on me I would spend it on whatever.  I didn’t know that putting a name and a purpose to different wads of cash would curb my lack of control. Once again my motto with a budget is controlling my money and not letting it control me.

In the bills section you will see that we pay tithing in our church as well as a fast offering.  This is actually our first priority before our goal of paying off student loans.  There is help and blessings that we see in our life because we pay tithing and it is a priority over everything else.  It does not matter what church you belong to I really encourage anyone to do it and see the benefits that come of it.  Dave Ramsey also talks about the benefits of paying tithing sometimes on his show.

I made up a kind of a map of the spreadsheet below.  Click on it for a larger view. Download the Budget Template to get started on your own! I actually found doing this a lot of fun.  I love seeing the numbers flow and make sense of where all our money is going and I am not even a math person.  Actually I am REALLY not a math person, it was always my worst subject.


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