While Ahnna is Away

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The house is sooo quiet.  I knew she was a talker, but MAN is she a talker!  Ahnna is off having fun with Grandma and Grandpa Spinelli.  They went to see her great Grandma Potter, visit the beach, I got a call while they were at the Zoo today.  She is having a great time.  What is Isaac doing whilst  his sister is playing hard?

That’s right I put him to work! Actually I’m getting a better feel for what I can get the kids to help out with.  Isaac loves anything laundry and he does a good job helping empty the dishwasher.  Isaac is also a SWEET little guy when he has no one to fight with.  I miss my Ahnna but I don’t miss the constant toddler bickering all day.  Ahhhhh… it was a nice break.  I can tell Isaac also misses his sister to play with.  He and I are bonding in Ahnna’s absence since I’m the only one he gets to play with most the day.

I haven’t posted any pictures of Summer lately because she is usually not the one doing the entertaining things.  I am trying to get her to laugh while I got the camera on but the effort has been futile so far.  But I have got some GREAT smily shots.


and I had a little photoshop fun


I used to wonder if having more kids would get monotonous because you have to start all over again with another one but I am happy to say that babies get more fun after you have had a few.  I feel like I really know what I am doing.  I have a lot more patients for her than I did my other kids, I don’t anxious about things as easily and it is just really nice. I keep thinking the next baby is going to be a very different experience because Summer is going to be at least three.  So Ahnna and Isaac will be in school and more self reliant, it is just interesting to think about.  But don’t worry I am not really thinking about the next one much.  I’m happy with this one and I really want to get back in shape and stay that way for a while.


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