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April 8, 2011 at 9:44 am 1 comment

Isaac refuses to call Nathan Dada to his face.  He has done it when he is not around, or just as he leaves the car after we drop him off at work, but to his face, and most of the time anyway, he is Momma.  When we try to get him to say Dada or Daddy he flat out says no. He is really in a “No” phase so that does not help. I  guess he will call him daddy when he is good and ready. We know he can, and he knows that is dad’s name.  Silly boy.

There are a few more things I wanted to get done before the baby comes.  One of them was finish the baby books of the last two kids.  Ahnna’s Aunt Sommer made a really cute scrapbook one where everything was done, all I needed to do was put in the pictures and journaling.  So naturally since it was so easy it has laied around half done for 3.5 years. I never even got started on Isaac’s but I did keep lots of stuff I wanted to put in it for when I did get the time. I am happy to announce that both of their books are done.  Isaac had a more traditional baby book which I started about a week ago and decided to throw it out because there was too much journaling about things I and I don’t think anyone else would really care about and not enough room for pictures. It was also geared toward a first baby and not a second.  So I got onto and did a photobook.  I journaled about the things I thought were important and put little facts about him throughout the whole thing. It is going to be much nicer than trying to fit the other one to Isaac.

Something else my sister-in-law did that I loved was this scrapbook page about Ahnna’s baby blessing. I have it framed on her wall with some pictures of her in her blessing dress.

I have wanted to do one for Isaac and the notes we took during the blessing have been sitting in his file for almost two years but I am happy to announce it is done!  I finally tried (and I fought against this for a while which is weird for me) DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING.

Yes I have a typo in the first line “the life” instead of “his life”.  It went to Costco this way and now I’m too lazy to fix it.  The paper and embellishments were all a free kits. There are lots of free papers, kits, and alphabets to choose from out there I don’t think I will ever have to pay for it. Plus printing at Costco is inexpensive and you don’t have to deal with things falling off the page.  The only things is, these picture files you use are quite large.  My laptop is old and low on space and it was making it WORK hard.  Just the temporary files from opening and working with the objects on a chore chart I was working on took up the rest of the space on my computer, a good 15GB. that’s right GB.  I had to save and quit a few times so it would clear those files and I could work on it some more and not crash my computer.

Our PC is more than capable for this kind of work but photoshop for a PC is not in the budget.  I’ve been playing with a program a lot like photoshop that is free called Gimp but it is frustrating figuring it out since it is set up differently.  I need to start with smaller projects on Gimp until I get use to how to use it.

Below are the chore charts I made for the kids. Click on them to see them better.

We decided we are going to teach the kids about money from a young age. These are going to be laminated so they can use a marker to check off each chore. At the end of each night we are going to count up what chores were done and they will get a coin (they don’t care what kind) for every chore they do. Then at the end of the week we will divide it into spending, savings, and tithing jars. I have yet to decide on how to make the jars looks.  Hopefully I will get those done before baby too.  You will notice I didn’t put Sunday on the chart. Since they are getting paid for these chores I didn’t want to include the Sabbath.  They just have to do it for free on that day 🙂


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  • 1. sommer  |  April 14, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    hey girl, good work on all hte fun projects! the only scrapbooking i have done for erik is his adoption story. so good for you! it is exciting the kids are getting so big and so sad at the same time!


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