Chuck Norris Approved Pictures

April 4, 2011 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

Something I have never experienced any where we have lived before is getting to know the teenagers in our church.  Here, with the mix of needing babysitters, Nathan being young men’s president, and really having great youth in the ward, I’ve been able to hang around them more and they are a lot of fun.  A young man needed some help making posters for his ASB vice president campaign so a bunch of the youth went to his house to make the posters and I took pictures of him to put on them.  I didn’t get to see the finished posters but they had a mix of the photos below some slogans and a logo that said “Chuck Norris Approved.”  He won (we knew he would).  I’m actually quite happy with the photos that turned out.  Usually I figure it’s hard to get good pictures with my camera but I think my mad photo skills are improving, as long as it is followed by mad photoshop skills. Michael was a great model, he was up for anything and that always makes thing easier. I was only going to post a few pictures but I couldn’t decide. There were quite a few that turned out really great!


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The Little Boogers Mr. Momma + some finished projects

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