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So it’s been over a week and I figured it was time for something new.

Wendy has been busy and I’m positive that she is in her nesting phase of the pregnancy. Her sewing machine has been running and she has been doing all sorts of homemaker things getting ready for the little one to come. She found us a freezer yesterday that is quite a bit larger than what we were expecting to get but it was on Craig’s list for the price of a new small one and we figured why not. It’s 6 feet long by 3 feet tall and almost 3 feet wide. Not bad.

I’ve been working on the entertainment hutch on Saturday’s. If I could ever get a full Saturday it might actually get done sooner. We usually end up going to Moses Lake for random things to complete the hutch, or I have a church meeting, or whatever. But that’s ok. It’s been fun to have a Saturday project, especially since the weather still isn’t warm enough for some real yard work.


It’s really starting to look like something. It doesn’t have perfect joints or anything close, but I have been learning a lot about wood work and hope to continue to learn more. I’m definitely looking forward to building the rest of the hutch after this piece is done. We finally picked a color for it too. Stay tuned.

I have practiced cheese again. Mozzarella cheese that is. This time I didn’t touch the milk after the rennet was added and it turned out a lot better. I still haven’t been able to get the curd to form quite like I want it to but as with anything else I’m learning and hope to better the process later. I added some freeze dried basil to it during the kneeding phase and it gave it a nice subtle aftertaste. I had to enjoy the creation with someone that enjoyed cheese as much as I do. Wendy liked it but she doesn’t like it like I do. We finally settled on our neighbors down the street who have 3 little kids. They pulled out some smoked salmon and enjoyed it. Having anything really good must be enjoyed or there just isn’t any point to having anything good. Don’t worry Snow’s….I haven’t forgotten about you.Mmmmm cheese!

Pizza night is still going strong and I have to say that I love pizza night. The young men at church have come to love my pizza too. In fact they were trying to get planned Duty to God for mutual night over pizza. I told them we could do it after but not during, knowing that nothing would get done. In the end, they will be coming over to our house on Friday and we will be doing pizza then. Mmmmm nothing beats some good homemade pizza.

Ahnna enjoying pizza and breadstick

My mother in law gave us some asparagus a while ago that we figured we had better use or lose. I was looking at it today trying to think of something we could do differently than the same old thing. After watching some Good Eats with Alton Brown I came up with Asparagus Kabobs. This was my own creation, not an imitation from the show, but I did use something similar to one of his recipes to finish the meal. The fist part was actually microwaving the plants in some wet paper towel and salt. I mixed cream cheese with garlic, ground pepper, some lemon juice, mayo, onions and some salt in the food processor. I laid down some italian herbs and then put down some of the mix on top. Then I laid the asparagus on that and made layers of asparagus and mix until gone. I then chilled it.

The kabobs were an idea I got from having melons or other veggies wrapped in prosciuto. I figured “why can’t I do the same with chicken?” So I filleted some chicken and put some parmesan like cheese along with bacon and ground pepper on top and then carefully wrapped it on the asparagus. After adding some salt, I threw them on the grill. MMMMMM!Asparagus Kabobs…MMMMMMhmmmmmm

After coming off the grill I took a little lemon juice with salt in it and sprinkled it on top and then grated just a little bit of swiss cheese too. The combinations of the cheese and bacon with the flavors of the asparagus was a good match. Wendy said she could eat it again. With spring and summer coming I would be glad to do it again. I put the spears arranged on top of the chilled cream cheese asparagus. Yes it was a lot of asparagus, but it was cooked well with some good flavors. Sometimes I wish family was close to help me know which recipes to keep and which ones to toss.

Have a most excellent week everybody!


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