Close the door! What are you trying to do, heat the whole block?

December 8, 2010 at 3:14 pm Leave a comment

Those words or others like unto it were spoken many times growing up and I firmly believe in them.  Last night it was quite warm in our room.  At first I thought it was just me and my hormones producing all the heat until early in the morning I saw that Nathan was above the covers as well.  Did I turn down the heat last night?  Yeah, I remember doing it right after I put a layered up Isaac to bed so he wouldn’t get cold.  About 7am Nathan gets up and goes into the hall and comments on how the rest of the house is freezing.  I was thinking, “oh great some heating issue again.”

Usually Nathan and I both lock every door at night and my OCD tendencies makes sure I recheck them before we actually go to bed.  This morning I walked out to the living room and not only is the door from the garage to the living room open, but the garage door was also open.  I did a quick check everywhere to make sure nothing was missing and everything thankfully was in its right spot.  Nathan remembered that when we got home last night he forgot to close the garage door and then we didn’t do our usual door check because we both had fallen asleep on the couch first. So apparently when that door fell open (which it had done earlier in that day too) the whole neighborhood got heated up for quite a few hours.  So your welcome neighbors.  I sure hope it helped get some of that snow to melt because we will be paying for it.  We are actually really lucky we didn’t get a stray cat to come in and make itself at home, we have quite a few strays that hang around here.


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