Change is hard

November 29, 2010 at 11:40 pm 2 comments

I have never been good at dieting.  I try to make healthy meals but it stops there.  If I really try to go on a diet its like I think about food more which makes me hungry and I know I’m suppose to be limiting how much food I’m suppose to have and that makes me hungry too so I pretty much gain weight when I want to diet.

Well the point is this pregnancy is kind of hard on my body this time and I REALLY need to make sure I do just a few tweaks to my diet to make it all better.  All I need to do is get plenty of water, and make sure I get the full amount of daily recommended fiber and I’m pretty much good to go.  Yes that’s right fiber, you all know what it’s about now but just think of your worst nightmare type of circumstance where fiber is the remedy and that’s my problem.  You think it would be easy to change things right away given that the consequence is severe pain, but no it’s taken quite a while to get on the ball about it.  Why? Because I have never had any discipline when it comes to food. The water part isn’t too bad except that it still will make me nauseous so I can’t down it like I want to.  The fiber on the other hand, all I have to say is thank goodness for Fiber One cereal or else I would have a horrible horrible pregnancy. At first I couldn’t get down a serving size portion of the cereal because it had that “healthy” taste to it.  So then I just added a bunch of sugar and that made it much better.  Now I’m much more used to the taste (I switched from sugar to Stevia) and its not bad at all.  The double fiber bread, on the other hand, my white bread pallet can hardly take half a piece but I have no choice but to make myself like it.

So it has been interesting to me so far that I really can get used to different tastes.  I really thought I was doomed for a while because all the food with significant amounts of fiber was not the type of stuff I wold eat everyday.  But I really have taught myself to like some of it so I’m kind of glad I am forced to eat stuff I wouldn’t normally eat because maybe there is hope for getting on a better diet after all if I just do it one step at a time.  Fiber is actually REALLY good for you so I kind of hope I can keep this up even after the pregnancy so I can be just a little healthier.


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  • 1. Trista Teeter  |  November 30, 2010 at 6:22 am

    Not sure if you’ve heard of Michael Pollan, but I loved his book “In Defense of Food”. The beginning goes into Nutritionism and yadda yadda, which I found pretty interesting, but the second half of the book was what I found the most helpful. He has these “rules” which are anything from ‘Don’t eat anything your Grandmother wouldn’t recognize’ to ‘Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot.’ Anyways, what I liked about it was that the concept is that you can eat as much as you very well please, but if you follow the “rules” you won’t really want to.

    Although it is a bit more work, it’s definitely helped us, particularly in the fiber department. 🙂 Good luck!!

  • 2. corinne purnell  |  November 30, 2010 at 9:23 am

    I had the same problems with my pregnancy and fiber… I finally resorted to half a cup of prune juice a day or a hand full of prunes, it worked wonders! Good luck and How far along are you now??? Do you know what you are having yet???


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