Nothing but Sinful Buttercream Frosting

June 3, 2010 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

Isaac’s birthday is on Saturday and I almost did not make a cake because Nathan and everyone on his side are not cake eaters.  They also think frosting is way too sweet, and with the Wilton’s type of butter cream recipe I completely agree.  I made a great cake for Ahnna’s first birthday with a cream cheese butter cream recipe but it was still really sweet and actually didn’t look all that appetizing because not a single person ate it, including myself.

Isaac’s first B-day will be different.  A while back I found out the Spinelli’s inhale pound cake and I found a great idea I can copy that was actually made out of pound cake.

I'm sorry I didn't keep what site I got it from so I can't give credit.

I know this sounds really dumb but I just came to understand that you can find out how to do anything on the internet,  including finding a buttercream frosting that is not super duper sweet.  Try making this if you have a bit of time on your hands.  It is really really good.  This recipe makes a ton.  I did mine in my mom in laws Kitchen Aid and at one point it was filled past the brim but had enough surface tension to not spill over completely, after you add the butter the volume will go down but it sure had me worried for a while.  Oh and I wouldn’t be licking my fingers too much making this because it is a heart attack waiting to happen, save the calories for the actual finished product… having said that I will probably weigh a good 20 pounds more by morning because I couldn’t help myself.  Go to this link and scroll down to “Buttercream Icing – Classic Recipe”  I made fondant with the method from this site as well and it was totally simple, just a bit messy.

So my goal on Saturday is for at least someone to have a piece of cake this time.  🙂


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