A Family Activity?

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"By golly, Jim, I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day! "

"By golly, Jim, I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day! "

Ahnna, Nathan, and I all saw the doctor today for our various needs.  Nathan scared me to death last night by telling me that he was having chest pain that was painful enough he couldn’t sleep.  Although he is much too young, he has lots of history of heart attacks in his family and I am a worrier so I was thinking the worst.  I ended up getting up for the day at 4:30am partly because I was worried and partly because I just can’t go back to sleep anymore after I wake up during the night.  Ended up that he just really messed up his esophagus from all the vomiting and he’s fine.

I took Ahnna in because she still has diarrhea and it has been a week.  If its not gone by Monday they need a stool sample and a blood test but it looks like her GI is healing so she is probably fine.  Then I went to my normal routine OB appointment. Not anything too exciting there. Well I could go into detail about a few things going on because of the pregnancy but it’s way TMI.

Nathan just told me that his Dad saw the doctor today too.  He also came down witht the sickness Nathan and Ahnna had.  I feel very blessed not to have had it.  I’ll give it a few more days before I start thinking I’m in the safe zone however.

On a side note, this is the 200th post!  Yay!!!


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Sick and Steak Parenting Adventures (This post is not for someone who can’t handle poo talk)

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