Star Trek

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Nathan and I went to see Star Trek at its very first showing on Thursday.  It was totally super freaking awesome and I reccomend it to everyone.  There is stuff in there for the all out fan, and it explains enough for someone who has never seen Star Trek before and it was fluid in doing so.  It was very entertaining and I would go see it again.  I really liked McCoy, he did such a good job but that is all I will say.

For some reason at some point I don’t recall I was taken over to the dark side of buying refreshments at the theater.  I remember when a large drink was $4.50 and we thought that was ridiculous but I still bought it.  When we saw Wolverine a SMALL drink was 4.50 and I think a large was $6.00.  Granted the small drink is not actually “small” it was probably the most reasonable size drink there.  I think the large drink was probably close to a gallon, way more soda than any three or four people sharing that drink might need, let alone one person.  I was planning on getting a good amount of snacks but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I ended up spending $4 on stinking Skittles and vowing never to buy theater refreshments again.  So when we went to Star Trek I came prepared and didn’t go into debt on food.


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Wolverine Tortured by Nesting

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