Good News, Maybe even meant to be…

May 5, 2009 at 9:01 pm Leave a comment

Thank you girls for your input on doing schooling online.  At first I was all for it but if I am really honest with myself, I don’t think I would do well doing things completely online.  I thrive in classroom situations.

So I have been worried about how we are going to do childcare when I’m at school.  Even if I did everything in the evening, Nathan’s rotations change around what time he will be home, and we just found out he has projects to to with each rotation.  Plus I just feel guilty getting a babysitter all the time because I have to lock in some poor family member or young woman to regular babysitting.  I hated babysitting as a teenager and I know there are people out there who like it but it is hard for me to imagine.  Also, I’m not too fond of daycare’s and usually you have to pay a daycare for either every day or every other day services.  Since I would only be doing a few classes that is overkill.

Here is the good news.  The child care services at the college are directly related to the Early Childhood Development program I just switched to.  Its run by the ECD program so it is in the same building I will be in and I will get to go in there for a few classes. I really like that!!  I have to go in to find out the details but I hope it works out well. Maybe I could even take a few more credits…

P.S. Looks like I couldn’t do Graphic Design there even if I wanted to start over again.  They have a single project linked through four classes that go on through the whole year, so it is full time or nothing.


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