Surgery for Nathan

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Nathan totally blew out his knee playing basketball a few weeks ago.  He injured it about a year ago (we actully now think he tore his ACL in two at that time) and now he did a number on it. On the report we got from getting an MRI there is a whole paragraph on all the injuries done to this knee.  There is so much inner swelling and brusing that the doctor wants to wait four to six weeks before operating to let it simmer down.

It is actually luck that he got to do an MRI on his knee.  Our insurance does not cover MRI’s (and I didn’t realize how bad it actually was so I don’t know if we would have just paid for it) but Nathan’s mom does referrals in the doctors office and the insurance rep was there one day asking if they were having any problems.  She said “actually yes we are having problems getting MRI’s approved” then she used Nathan as an example.  He was a good example because he did everything the doctor told him and jumped through all the hoops that was required before getting an MRI.  The only reason he did not get an MRI on his knee last year when he first injured it was because it was not covered.  The rep wrote down his name and it was approved the next day.  Thank goodness for that woman and that Nathan’s mom has the job she does.


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