Trapped in the Basement

January 27, 2009 at 10:28 pm 1 comment

Nathans parents are taking care of their daughters dog Boomer while she and her husband go to Germany to get their baby.  He is a rather large dog but very docile and friendly.  As a kid I was terrified of dogs and at this point I really don’t care for them so I really don’t know anything about dogs.

So This morning I took Ahnna to a Doctor’s appt and then browsed around at Babies R Us.  I came back and put a sleeping Ahnna in her crib and attempted to go upstairs where the kitchen is to eat something.  There is a gate installed at the bottom of the stairs so the dogs can’t come down.  All four dogs came to greet me as I came up including Boomer who, in my eyes, looked like he was bearing his teeth at me in a very unfriendly manner.  I quickly backed down and closed the gate.  Thinking it must have been my imagination since he is so friendly I tried again and I then thought I knew for sure he was not happy with me.  I figured that since there was no one else home and he doesn’t know me very well he was in “protect the house” mode or something.

At this point I decided to just nap with Ahnna since I was exhausted anyway.  I dreamed of snarling dogs keeping me away from food.  Then when we awoke Ahnna was so hungry she was crying her head off.  Usually I feed her before her nap but this time I didn’t since we were out and about.  So instead of facing a huge dog that looked like he wanted to take me down I took her to McDonalds and figured we would stay out and do some shopping until someone else came home.

While we were at McDonalds she had a large leaky poo diaper and in my haste to get food for the screaming kid I did not grab a diaper.  Anyway there was lots of chasing down Ahnna while trying to get a diaper at Rite Aid and then struggling with big coats and my purse while trying to clean up all the poo in a less than clean restroom (I didn’t want to set any of our stuff on the floor).  It ended up being an exhausting afternoon staying out of the house.  All because I can’t tell the difference from a dog looking mean or just smiling at me.  Yes Boomer was just grinning real big because he was happy to see me…

smiling_dogThis is not Boomer but an example of what I saw.  Apparently this dog is “smiling” – to me this is frightning.


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  • 1. Carl G  |  January 29, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    I know a big and funny doberman that actually smiles. But it wasn’t actually after his master told me the dog was laughing when I got it. I thought the animal was angry before, and yes, I was frightened too.


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