Must Resist….

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Since we are trying to live like the poor students we are we decided that Grandparents are the only ones who will get gifts this year and they are home made (Except Ahnna, we are getting her a few small gifts).  Even when trying to be frugle buying for our large family gets spendy and I always go over budget of what I planned. Let me tell you what, it is SOOO hard not to start buying things for everyone.  Its like suddenly because we decided not to buy gifts I am seeing something for everyone in my family. I did do a little more this year because I can’t resist buying at least a few stocking stuffers for Nathan’s family (that is where we will be this year). I feel pretty guilty that we could have bought presents for everyone with the money we spent on Nathan’s laptop in November.  I finally gave into his endless nagging as long as he didn’t say a word about a desktop until after he graduated.  He did get a good deal on it though and I will be free of computer nagging for a good year and a half so I guess it was a good Chrsitmas present to me too. 🙂  Anyway it will be nice in a few years when we have a little more money to spoil all the nieces and nephews with… and all the computer buying is over…


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