Heroes Going Downhill

December 9, 2008 at 2:45 pm Leave a comment

If you are not up to date on Heroes and don’t want anything spoiled. Do not read.


I am getting more and more disapointed with how Heroes is going. My biggest complaint is Sylar’s character which I started to think was really interesting until he became so easily pursuaded by whoever told him anything. The last straw was when Sylar killed Elle for no apparent reason. He had her ability and he even liked her but for some reason he decided she should die. This is so inconsistant with his character. Even after he killed Elle he said to Peter he wasn’t going to kill him because he didn’t have anything he wanted anymore since he didn’t have his powers. Not to mention that he learned how to take powers without killing people but he decided he just like to kill them anyway which is inconsistant with his backstory. It’s like they completely changes his character out of the blue when he killed Elle with no real explanation.

There are other things but that was the only one I wanted to rant about. I think I am going to finish out this season and then I am done wasting my time on it.


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