Intruder scare

November 11, 2008 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

Since we have moved I have not been able to get into a routine.  Usually I would blog in the morning but I can go for days now without looking at my computer which is not like me at all.  So now my posts are very irregular, something I never wanted to end up doing. Oh well.

So anyway last night my father in law was pretty sure he some someone sneaking around the shop (which is full of all our stuff while we are living here.)  Being the paranoid person that I am, when he said this I instantly thought of all the worst case scenarios that could happen. Including a band of guys holding us all at gunpoint in the house.  He got Nathan and they went down to investigate (the shop is about a half a block away from the house) I watched them the entire way down to make sure no one jumped out and shot them.

So of course they came back and reported everything was just fine but Nathan still checked out every place a person could hide out in the basement to be on the safe side.  I have always felt safe at this house because it is almost out of town and neighbors are not too close but wow I’m all about locking doors now.  I’m happy the shop was locked too.


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