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I do try to turn off the TV for a good part of the day but often times it just gets too quiet.  Here are some of the things I watch probably more than I should.  Usually the TV is on either Bravo, Nick or TLC

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is one of those reality shows that for some reason keeps me glued to the tv.  Sometimes I think I should stop watching other people raise their kids and pay more attention to my kid… well its probably not that bad but you get the picture.

Sponge Bob – I have always liked Sponge Bob.  I thought I would grow out of it but it is hilarious.

Ni-hao Kai-lin is so cute! It’s a Chinese Dora the Explorer but not as boring as Dora.  I can sit through a whole episode of this without getting board to tears and I love the animation.

Project Runway – This show interests me because I have no idea how or why the judges decide.  Having been and art major, we did a lot of critiques of each others work.  Doing so many critiques you start to understand certain element that makes up good design.  So I really like reality shows where there is some sort of visual art because the same principles apply across the board roughly.

With this show I have no clue what the judges are going to say.  Probably because fashion is ever changing and it is SOO subjective.  Plus stuff on a runway is completely different from reality. But I like to see what the designers come up with.


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