Pregnant Six Months

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Originally Written on June 27 2007

I know I need to post pictures still so everyone can see my fatness but I just haven’t got around to it yet. So here is my pregnancy story so far:
I have to say first that my mom is my hero because she was really sick all nine months with all six of us. I was only sick for about 2 months and during that time I decided I was going to adopt the rest of my children if I was going to stay sick the whole time like my mom but I didn’t thank goodness.
Nathan has been so involved and just totally incredible. I don’t know how I deserved to end up with such an amazing person. He was so patient with me when I was feeling sick and didn’t want to do anything. He is incredibly involved with everything he possibly could be with the baby. I could do a whole different entry on what makes Nathan the best husband ever.
Nathan was certain we were going to have a girl long before she was conceived and I knew that Nathan has a gift with being in tune with the spirit like that so I didn’t doubt him. I felt she was a girl for sure the whole time until about the time we were going to find out and only then I started thinking “well maybe it’s a boy just because we are so set on a girl.” But we were right, she is a girl. Ahnna Belen is her name. Nathan has had it picked out since his mission in Spain and I love it too.
I didn’t think I would feel any depression with my ever growing belly. I was excited to start showing and just enjoy being pregnant for the first time. Unfortunately I just want to feel pretty sometimes and it is really hard to pull off at this point so that gets to be depressing. Nathan is really helpful with making me feel good about myself though and I still think fat jokes about me are funny. 🙂
So at this point I can feel Ahnna moving around A LOT and I can see her push my belly out. We have had multiple ultrasounds but most the time I still don’t fully grasp that I have a person inside me. I am so excited to meet her and take care of her. My whole life I wanted to be a wife and mother, after I give her life she and Nathan will be my life and I can’t wait. The labor part still freaks me out but I’ll get through it. Especially with Nathan right by me.


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